What is the value of the Rank Tracker SERP Features report?

The SERP Features Report enables you to discover where you need to invest your time and effort to win more traffic through the Search Engine Results Page.
You can use the report to determine whether you should invest more in driving traffic through traditional organic ranking results, by focusing on SERP features (which are progressively taking up more real estate on the SERP), or through Paid Ads.

How to use the Rank Tracker SERP Features report

The SERP Features report reveals the SERP landscape for your campaign keywords across your chosen timeframe, device, and location filters. For each keyword within your campaign, this report helps you understand where to invest your resources on the SERP and determine which SERP features you should focus on.

The report is made up of three metrics: SERP Composition, SERP Feature Presence, and Breakdown by SERP Feature

SERP Composition

The SERP Composition metric helps you understand the overall composition of page 1 on the SERP for your campaign keywords over time. This helps you visualize where you should invest to gain more traffic through the SERP: organic results, SERP features, or paid features.

SERP Feature Presence

This insight helps you understand which SERP features are more present (over time) and where your website ranks with these features based on the keywords in your campaign. This provides much deeper reporting and contextualisation of your SERP performance. You can drill down to see which features are present and might be of more interest for you to try and create content around them. You can also analyze the daily trends over time so you can see how your presence on those SERP Features fluctuates. 

SERP Feature Presence Insight

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Breakdown by SERP Feature

This metric allows you to see which of your campaign keywords are present in specific SERP features. This helps you understand where you're winning, where your competitors are winning, which keywords, landing pages, or organic pages are being picked up in SERP features, and more. This insight can help you make strategic decisions as to whether to optimize for SERP features for additional opportunities to rank. 


SERP Feature Definitions


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