Period over Period Comparison

The period over period comparison helps you measure website traffic volume and engagements and identify growth and trends in website traffic. Get period comparisons for your website and for your competitors' websites.

Note: When selecting the data range, make sure to mark the Compare to checkbox.

What is the Value?

View the Total Visits Growth is available in two viewing modes:

  • View by website: This viewing mode gives you insight into the growth of a particular website compared to a competitive set over time to understand who is the strongest player in traffic growth. Below we see that all visits to all the fast fashion sites in the set declined YOY in Q2 2019. However, visits to forever decreased the most YOY, -27.25%, and visits to decreased the least YOY, -8.6%.

  • View by period: This viewing mode gives you insight into the growth trajectory of a set of websites over time, indicating whether traffic to the group is growing, stagnating, or decreasing. Below we see that visits to the set as a whole are decreasing YOY.


    Traffic and Engagement over time is presented in the form of a line graph and provides more granularity on driving the change in total site visits. This feature allows you to easily understand if a website is growing in monthly visits, monthly unique visitors, average visit duration, pages per visit, and/or bounce rate - compared to its main competitors.


How to Use

When analyzing website traffic, the period comparison option is available when you choose the date range to be analyzed.

  1. Within the Website Analysis module, go to the Traffic and Engagement page.

  2. Using the filters in the upper right, set the time period to be analyzed.

    Set the Compare To parameter to data for the period over period .


The Total Traffic Growth graph will be presented above the Traffic and Engagement Growth graph. The default view is by website, showing the growth comparison between a set of websites.

Users also can view in period mode to show the growth trajectory for a set of websites.

The average change is displayed in the top left of the Total Traffic Growth section. It shows the weighted average growth of the sum of all visits across the group of websites in period 1 versus period 2 - whether you are viewing the graphs in website mode or in period mode.

The Traffic and engagement over time graph is presented underneath the Total Visits Growth graph and compares growth over time. The default graph shown is monthly visits, but you can easily switch tabs to view the growth of the other engagement metrics.

Feature Location

The feature is located within the Company Research module > Traffic and Enagagement insights.

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