Monthly Unique Visitors

Location: Website Analysis > Website Audience > Traffic & Engagement > Desktop/Mobile

Description: The average number of distinct individuals requesting pages from a website during a given period of time, regardless of how often they visit. This metric is available for desktop and mobile web data. 

Business Implications: Monthly Unique Visitors helps better understand the size and reach of a website’s audience. This view is useful for:

  • Strategy and investment teams measuring a brand’s reach.
  • Publishers assessing the exposure for a competitor’s piece of content.
  • Advertisers quantifying the impact of another company’s campaign.


SimilarWeb data collection is panel based. We collect our data through a large panel of users that share their anonymous clickstream data with us. Each of the devices in our panel has a unique ID, which is translated into a unique user.

Unlike other traffic analysis tools, SimilarWeb does not rely on cookies, which is considered an unstable methodology since cookies are susceptible to being manually or automatically deleted. For that reason, cookie-based methodology will tend to overestimate unique visits, and therefore show a higher number than what you will find in SimilarWeb data.

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