Daily Unique Visitors

Daily unique visitors is the average number of individuals visiting the analyzed domain in one day.


Unique visitors are the foundation of many of our other traffic and engagement metrics. Daily unique visitors is an estimation of the active users seen in one day visiting a website (on both mobile web and desktop).

The count of daily unique visitors of the month divided by the days of that month equals the monthly average of daily unique visitors.

Note: Daily Unique Visitors reflect the number of individuals who visited a website in one day. If someone visits a website multiple days in one month, they will be a daily unique visitor each day they visited, however, they will be counted as one monthly unique visitor.


Use Unique Visitors to assess the reach of a website. Compare monthly unique visitors to daily unique visitors to see how often users visit a website throughout the month.

This metric is useful for:

  • Gauging website stickiness and engagement

  • Evaluating the days of the week with peaks in traffic to a website (perhaps visitation is higher on the weekends, for instance)

  • Analyzing website and app interaction holistically by evaluating DAU app traffic and Daily Unique Visitor traffic side by side

For more information, see Traffic & Engagement: Getting Started.

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