Unique visitors is the average number of individuals visiting the analyzed domain, within the country and time period analyzed. 

A user who arrived at a site once or a number of times is a single unique visitor to that domain. Unique visitation is a core metric that allows users to assess the actual reach of a website. View this metric in daily or monthly granularity.


We see a unique ID per device through our contributory network, which is translated into a unique user. Unlike other traffic analysis tools, Similarweb does not rely on cookies, which is considered an unstable methodology since cookies are susceptible to being manually or automatically deleted.

Note: For that reason, the cookie-based methodology will tend to overestimate unique visits and therefore show a higher number than what you’ll find in Similarweb data.

We calculate unique visitors for desktop and mobile web in the exact same way. All traffic is the sum of desktop and mobile web unique visits (not deduplicated).

For more information on how to use unique visitors to help drive your digital strategy, visit Unique Visitors: Understanding and Targeting Your Competitors’ Audience.

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