The Monthly Visits metric reports the number of visits per month to a website and provides insight into the amount of total traffic, including desktop and mobile, that a website receives.

How to find the number of monthly visits to a website

Similarweb calculates the monthly website traffic based on visits. A "visit" to a website is counted when a visitor accesses one or more page views in a session. Subsequent page views are included in the same visit until the user is inactive for more than 30 minutes. If a user becomes active again after 30 minutes, that counts as a new visit. A new session will also start at midnight.

The Monthly Visits data is available in several modules in Similarweb, including Competitive Analysis, Website Analysis, and Industry Analysis.


The number of Monthly Visits to a website or group of sites in a competitor set or industry, is an important metric used to help understand the overall size of a brand, the traffic in a market, or for website analysis and benchmarking.

  • Analyze Monthly Visits to benchmark the traffic volume, and to understand market share and potential market reach

  • Compare Monthly Visits to reveal monthly market potential

  • Evaluate whether a brand is growing by analyzing traffic (Monthly Visits and Monthly Unique Visitors) over time

For more information, see Traffic & Engagements: Getting Started.

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