Monthly visits data provides insight into the average amount of traffic, across desktop and mobile, that a website receives, per month.

Monthly visits calculation

Similarweb calculates the monthly website traffic based on the average number of monthly visits over the analyzed time period.

A "visit" to a website is counted when a visitor accesses one or more pages during a session. Subsequent pageviews are included in the same visit until the user is inactive for more than 30 minutes. If a user becomes active again after 30 minutes, that counts as a new visit. A new session will also start at midnight.

How to find the number of monthly visits to a website

Monthly visits data is available in several modules across the Similarweb platform, including Website Analysis, and Market Analysis.


The number of monthly visits to a website, a group of competitors, or an industry, is an important metric used to help understand the size of a brand and the traffic in a market. It also serves as the basis for website analysis and benchmarking.

  • Analyze monthly visits to benchmark the traffic volume of your site, and to understand your market share and potential market reach.

  • Evaluate whether a brand is growing by analyzing traffic - both monthly visits and monthly unique visitors - over time.

  • Identify trends in traffic levels to understand the impact of factors such as seasonal changes or marketing efforts.

For more information on this metric, visit View Traffic & Engagement.

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