Average Visit Duration

Description: There are a few ways to find Average Visit Duration within the Research section of SimilarWeb PRO. Under Website Performance, you will find an overview of all of the engagement metrics for a site. Under the engagement metrics table, you will see several metrics, including Average Visit Duration.

To further analyze the engagement metrics, continue to the Traffic module, and select Traffic and Engagement. There, find the below graph to analyze traffic month over month (MoM).

Additional analysis is done one module below, under Marketing Channels. In this module, analyze the Average Visit Duration by channel and understand the fluctuation and trends over the previous period. 

Definition: Average Visit Duration shows you the average amount of time visitors spend on a website within a session. Read our blog post to discover what is a good session duration

Calculation: SimilarWeb calculates Avg. Visit Duration based on the time elapsed between the first and last page-view per visit (visits are closed after 30 minutes of inactivity).

Using this metric: For most websites, the longer the duration, the better. Use this metric to understand how likely users are to complete the website goal (page views, purchase, etc.).




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