Average Visit Duration

Average Visit Duration is the average amount of time spent on a website during each session.


Similarweb calculates Average Visit Duration based on the time elapsed between the first and last page-view per visit. For example, if a visitor accesses a site's homepage, then navigates to a category, and a product page, then exits the website, the full duration of the visit is calculated within the same session.

  • The average visit duration includes bounced visits in the calculation. (Calculated as the duration of 0)

  • A visit expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. There are two scenarios to consider if this occurs:

    • The user visits a website but does not interact with the site, the average visit duration is recorded as 0, as there was no elapsed time between the first and last action on the site.

    • The user visits a website and navigates to several pages on the site. After interacting for 6 minutes from the first and last action, the user becomes inactive. After 30 minutes of inactivity (36 minutes of time has elapsed) the visit expires. The session duration is calculated as 6 minutes -- the time elapsed between the first and last action on the site

How to use this metric

The average visit duration of a website can be a strong indication of the quality of engagement with your site. For most websites, the longer the visit duration, the better.

By analyzing visit duration, you can:

  • evaluate how likely users are to navigate, engage and complete the website goal (page views, purchases, etc.)

  • understand visitor interests, evaluate site traffic month over month, and benchmark performance

  • to understand fluctuations and trends

Where can you find this metric?

The Visit Duration metric is located through the Website Analysis and Market Analysis modules. Try it now!!

Learn more

For more information, read our blog post to discover what is a good session duration.

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