Total Visits is the sum of all visits to a website and is used as a measurement of website traffic and website visitors. You can analyze the total website visitors for single website or competitor set of websites to benchmark performance.


Similarweb calculates a visit (session) for a website when a visitor accesses one or more pages. Subsequent page views are included in the same visit until the user is inactive for more than 30 minutes. If a user becomes active again after 30 minutes, that counts as a new visit. A new session will also start at midnight.

Using this metric

Use Total Visits to understand the overall number of interactions with a website. Total Visits shows how many opportunities in total a website has to ensure that visitors complete the customer journey. Total visits is the sum of all visits to the analyzed website. Visits can be further analyzed using country and time period filters.


The total visits metric is located in several modules in Similarweb including website analysis and industry research. Try it now!

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