Tracking Google Business Profiles and Social Channels with Rank Tracker

Monitor the ranking positions of your social channels (Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter) and your Google Business Profiles within SERP features like video packs, local map packs, and more.  


What is the value of tracking these entities?

Tracking your Google Business profile and your Social Channels through Rank Tracker offers enhanced visibility into your performance on the SERP

This is particularly beneficial if you’re focused on local tracking or consider social channels crucial to your organic search performance, providing further context to your full presence throughout the entire SERP.


What is being tracked?

For those who frequently publish video content and are concerned about their overall visibility on the SERP - including their YouTube rankings - Similarweb provides valuable insights into how you're positioned across the entire SERP landscape.
Using Rank Tracker, you will be able to see your YouTube channel/content ranking on the Video Pack SERP feature. 

Example of video pack SERP Feature and YouTube Channel

Example of video pack SERP Feature and YouTube Channel 

To understand where your business appears in local searches, you can view the results in the local map packs feature

local map packs SERP feature


How do I start tracking my business and social profiles?

Input your exact business and/or social profile names during the Campaign creation process or within the Campaign Settings section.

start tracking my business and social profiles

  Tip: You can add multiple profiles in each campaign

Once you’ve added your preferred entities, Rank Tracker will be able to identify these web profiles in the following different reports - Keywords, Tags and SERP Features reports.
Start tracking your Social Profiles and Google Business Profiles across the SERP now and create a campaign with Rank Tracker!


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