With Similarweb Sales signals alerts, you’ll receive daily updates of recognized buying signals whenever new opportunities or threats arise in your target audience.

What is the Value of Sales Signals?

Similarweb’s Sales Signals empower you with the real-time sales insights needed to stay ahead and never miss a window of opportunity in your target accounts. Simply set up your sales signals alerts to identify new opportunities or potential threats within your target audience. Timely alerts deliver valuable insights and actionable data that allow you to make rapid decisions, nurture leads, and stay ahead of the competition.  

With Sales Signal insights you can:

  • Focus your sales teams on the most promising opportunities. By prioritizing opportunities and engaging at the right time, you can optimize efforts and close more deals.
  • Increase your response rates and boost the number of meetings booked with qualified prospects
  • Get real-time insights on the activities and behaviors of your prospects and customers and never miss an opportunity to engage and convert leads into customers. Real time insights also let you adapt your strategy to stay on top of upsells and identify churn risks.

How to set up Sales Signals

Check out this guide on Setting Up Sales Signals and email alerts to never miss an opportunity.

Types of Sales Signals

Traffic Signals

Monitor websites whose traffic and engagement have changed. Segment them by:

  • Country
  • Traffic channel (Monthly visits, page views, paid search visits, and more)
  • % Increase or decline in traffic
  • Time frame (month, 3 months, 12 months)

Note: Data is updated monthly

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News Signals

Prioritize accounts based on positive or negative news items:

  • Leadership changes
  • New investments
  • Strategy changes
  • Company growth (news offices, new hires)
  • Challenges (like layoffs)

Note: Data is updated daily

Technographic Signals

This filter gives you the ability to monitor over 4,500+ website technologies and use it as a trigger for effective outreach:

  • Recently installed a competitor’s software on their website
  • Recently installed a supported integration
  • Recently removed a competitor
  • Recently removed a supported integration

Note: Data is updated daily


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Ad Network Signals

Create personalized outreach based on the ad network they work with, how your offering can work with that integration, or how you could replace their current ad networks:

  • Account recently started with 
  • Account Stopped working with

Note: Data is updated monthly

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