Discover the technologies, web plugins, and other integrations that have been installed and/or removed on a website.

What is the Value?

Identify technologies that have been installed or removed from a website. This allows you to:

  1. Find out who is working with a competitor’s technology or complementary technology.

  2. See what technologies your competitors are working with.

  3. Identify when to target a customer -  e.g. they’ve just installed a few competitors because they are in POC, and tech has been installed for 10 months, perhaps I should target before they renew.

  4. Understand how to pitch against a competitor - e.g. they installed competitor Y and removed competitor X, I can now prepare my pitch.

  5. Determine if I should pitch them my solution - e.g. they had a similar solution but removed it and didn’t install anything else, perhaps they don’t need it.

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How to Use Website Technologies

To see who is working with your competitor's technology, or find what technologies your competitors are working with, follow these steps:

  1. From the Sales Intelligence homepage, enter a website you’d like to analyze.

  2. From the left sidebar menu, select Website Technologies.


    This feature is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location for more information.

  3. Filter the table by:

    • Tech Categories: The technology industry.

    • Subdomains: Include or exclude subdomains of the analyzed site (by default all subdomains are included).

    • Installed or Removed: Focus on technologies that were Installed, Removed, or both (default).


    If you select multiple subdomains in the filter and a technology is currently installed on at least one subdomain, the technology will appear as Installed. If the technology has been removed from at least one of the subdomains selected and is not installed on any of the others, the technology will appear as Removed.

    Hover over the Status column for a specific technology in the table to view all subdomains where the technology is Installed or Removed

Key metrics & insights:

  • Free/Paid

  • Status: Indicates if the technology is currently installed or was removed.

  • Working Period: Indicates for how long the technology has been installed (number of days, months, or years).

  • Removed: Indicates when the technology was removed (if currently installed, the sign ‘-’ will appear).

Feature Location

Try it now!

  • Sales Intelligence homepage > Account Review > Website Technologies

  • Website Analysis > Enter a website a go to Website Structure > Website Technologies.

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