Leverage Technographics to Win More Deals

Website Technologies (also known as Technographics) is the ability to see what technologies your prospects are using on their website. This is huge because it lets you have a privileged view of the types of technologies your prospects purchase, drop, and use to make their businesses work.

Learn how you can use this data to qualify prospects and prepare the perfect pitch.

Technographics can help you in three meaningful ways

  1. Checking for competitor technologies: You would use this to identify if a prospect uses a competitor’s technology and pitch your value relative to the incumbent.

  2. Checking for complementary technologies: Knowing a prospect is using a technology that indicates a stronger need for your product, allows a shorter implementation process, or increases the value of the technology they’ve already purchased can shorten the sales process dramatically.

  3. Understanding technology spend: Checking the types of technologies installed on a site can give you a great idea of what they spend on technology to estimate potential budget. For example, if a company is using an enterprise-grade content management system, it’s possible they have a relatively high technology budget.

You can also use Technographics to generate a list of leads; read this guide to learn how.

Getting Started

Get started by choosing a prospect you want to engage with, either in an email, a call, or an in-person meeting.

  1. From the Sales Intelligence home page, enter your prospect/customer's domain in the Search bar.

  2. From the left menu, select Website Technologies.

    Note: For more information, see Data Methodology. This methodology is applied to identify which technologies are installed on each website. Once identified, we updated this data on a weekly basis, with the very small websites taking up to a month to update.

  3. Review the table to see the full list of technologies embedded on a site, or use the dropdown menu to filter for a specific category.

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