Ad Networks connect businesses that want to run ads with websites that want to host them. Analyze Ad Network performance and uncover opportunities with top Ad Networks and Publishers.


The principal attribute of an ad network is to gather ad space and match it with the advertiser's needs.

Advertisers can set up campaigns directly using an ad network’s campaign-management panel. When running campaigns across multiple ad networks and in direct deals with publishers, advertisers can set up pixels from a third-party ad server for verification purposes and consolidated reporting.

When the ad is published, the advertiser can rotate multiple banners on the website using the ad network’s campaign-management panel without having to contact the publisher.

Having access to insights on Ad Network performance can help you make better decisions on where to invest display budgets.


Do you rank advertising networks?

No, because ad networks don't behave as regular domains. A lot of their traffic is not considered actual traffic to the domain itself, which is why ranking them would skew our "Top Websites" results.

How do you categorize Ad Networks and Social Channels?

If we are able to detect an Ad Network that is known to us and associated with the click, we will attribute this traffic to the Display Advertising channel. When we are not able to detect a known Ad Network, the traffic will be attributed to the Social Channel.

Why does the Ad Network data on the Creatives page present differently?

The data displayed on the Ad Networks pages may present differently, and more comprehensively, from the ad networks data shown in filters on the Creatives pages as they are using different data collection methods for the formulation of the insights. We are working to align these data sets and will communicate when this is ready.

What is the "Paid Referrals" Ad Network under Ad Monetization?

"Paid Referrals" is just a general phrase to indicate the share of all Ad Networks that were not identified by Similarweb (that did not appear in our list of known Ad Networks).

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