Discover the top ad networks sending traffic to your competitors or to an industry.


What is the value?

By finding the ad networks driving traffic to your competitors or your industry, you can identify valuable partnership opportunities with ad networks targeting the right audiences. Use these insights to drive your ad strategy to new heights by improving your campaigns and growing your audience.

  • Search for Ad Networks by Competitor to gain insights into the Ad Networks your competitors have partnered with, and analyze which are most successful at driving display and paid search traffic.

  • Search for Ad Networks by Industry to understand which networks are more or less prominent in driving traffic to a specific industry.

How to find Ad Networks:

To find ad networks by competitors:

  1. Go to the Advertising module, and navigate to Ad Network Opportunities.

  2. Select to find ad networks by Industry or by Competitor.


    Note: This tool is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location.

    By Competitor: Enter the website domain to be analyzed. Click +Add Competitor to add up to four additional sites.

    By Industry: Select the Industry from the list. Set the Geographic region filter.

  3. Using the filters on the top-right, set the month and geographic region.

  4. Find a list of the Ad Networks driving traffic to the analyzed domains or industry and evaluate the performance of these ad networks using several key metrics and insights.




    Key metrics & insights when searching for Ad Networks by Competitor:

    • Ad Networks: the list of Ad Networks sending traffic to the analyzed website(s).

    • Total traffic share: the % of traffic share sent by the ad network to the analyzed websites.

    Key metrics & insights when searching for Ad Networks by Industry:

    • Ad Networks: the list of Ad Networks sending traffic to websites within the selected industry.

    • Traffic Share: the estimated % of traffic share sent by the Ad Network to the analyzed industry.

    • Traffic Leader: the website receiving the most traffic from the Ad Network.


Google Display Network (GDN) includes traffic from AdWords, Doubleclick, Adsense, and Admeld.


Why does the Ad Network data on the Creatives page present differently?

The data displayed on the Ad Networks pages may present differently, and more comprehensively, to the ad networks data shown in filters on the Creatives pages as they are using different data collection methods for the formulation of the insights. We are working to align these data sets and will communicate when this is ready.

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