Contains audience data for the analyzed domain and information about the visitors to the domain.

This section includes:

Within our App offering, we have app audience demographics and interests to help users determine the age range and gender of the users, while also understanding related app behaviors.


  • Typical App User: Common attributes of app users: typical gender, age group, and overlapping app usage

  • Gender distribution: Gender distribution of the app's users

  • Age Distribution: Age distribution of app's users


  • Category distribution is listed by Top Categories and by Top App's by Categories

  • Top Categories: Most frequent categories out of all categories of apps that are installed and used by users that have installed and used an App. 

  • Top Apps by Categories: Apps with a high probability of being used by the same users that installed and used a specific App under 'Top categories' 

  • Table of Top Apps by Title, Category Usage Rank, Country Usage Rank, and Affinity Score:

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