View Traffic Share per Country

The Geography page enables you to see traffic to a site per country. You can identify the leading countries sending traffic to your competitors, and then adapt your competitive strategy in each market.


How to Use Geography

To view website traffic per country for up to five sites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Analysis, enter a website, and then go to the Geography page.

  2. To target your analysis, click +Compare and add up to four additional websites.

    • Using the filters in the upper right, set the time period, country, and type of traffic (desktop, mobile web, or all traffic) that you would like to analyze.

    • If available, mark the Compare to checkbox for side-by-side data comparison to the previous time period.

Traffic share by country

Key metrics & insights in the traffic share by country table:

  • Country: Geographic location that receives search traffic for the analyzed site.

  • Traffic Share: Estimated percentage of traffic sent to each of the analyzed domains (or pages) compared to the total website's traffic.

  • Competitive Traffic Share: Distribution of traffic between the analyzed websites.

  • Change: Month-over-month change in traffic volume by percentage (based on the selected time period). Sorting by Change is a great way to discover trending keywords, fast-growing companies, and new partners or prospects.

  • Country Rank: Based on website ranking in the primary website's top country. Rank is defined by the highest sum of monthly unique visitors and page views.

  • Visit Duration: Average duration of the visit in hours, minutes, and seconds (this average includes bounced visits).

  • Pages/Visit: Average pages per visit for the selected time period. Remember that for most sites, the goal is to keep users engaged, nurture their interest, and encourage them to take the next step - therefore the greater the Pages/Visit is the more engaged their audience is with their brand.

  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of visitors who enter a site and then leave after visiting only one page.


Q: Can I view desktop and mobile web geography data?

A: Yes, you can view desktop, mobile web, and total traffic geography data.

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Try it Here!

Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Audience > Geography.

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