Understand Audience Interests

Discover the cross-browsing behavior of your audience to understand what other sites they visit and gauge their interests relative to your competitors.

Understand Audience Interests

What does audience interest mean and how can I use audience interest data?

Evaluating the browsing behaviors of your target audience can help understand user intent, reveal insights about the purchasing funnel, discover new audiences, and develop audience acquisition strategies. See audience interest and user behavior for your site, your competitor sites, or your industry.

More ways to use the audience interests insights:

  • See other products or solutions your audiences are evaluating during their consideration stage.

  • Discover domains winning traffic and engagements from shared audiences and use this information to broaden your audience targeting.


Audience Interest data is available for Desktop and Mobile Web data.

See below for more information on All Traffic estimations.

How to find audience interest data

To view cross-browsing behavior between a website and its competitors, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Analysis, enter a domain, and go to Audience Interests.

Cross-Browsing Behaviors

When analyzing multiple sites, the Cross-Browsing Behaviors tool shows the percentage of unique visitors to the primary site who also visited the other analyzed sites on the same day.

Audience interest example

In the image below, you can see that 11% of users who visited cnn.com also visited foxnews.com on the same day.

Audience Cross Browsing


Hover over any cell in the table to see how the cross-visitation has changed compared to the previous period to help identify the trend for users visiting a competitor's site.

See other sites that your audience are likely to visit

A complete list of overlapping sites shows each site's cross-visitation percentage and relevance score. In addition, see each site's industry and global website rank.

See other sites that your audiences are likely to visit

Hover over any domain to view its monthly visits and company info.

List of Audience Interests


What's the calculation of "All Traffic" Cross Visitation for this metric?

The total traffic is based on the average, where each is calculated individually. In other words, Total Traffic equals the average of Desktop & Mobile combined.

What's the difference between the Cross-Browsing Interests table from Audience Interests and the Audience Overlap feature?

The Cross-Browsing Interests table shows the overlap of websites ‘head-to-head’ but doesn’t show the full audience reach and potential. Audience Overlap allows end-users to compare up to five websites and see the overlap across all websites

Feature Location

Try it now! Go to Website Analysis module > Enter a website and go to Audience Interests.

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