An industry category is a grouping designation for a collection of websites. All websites are assigned an industry category by Similarweb's categorization engine.

How is a website's industry category determined?

A website's industry category (and sub-category) is determined based on the site's content tags, similarity scores, and a learning set of millions of websites with verified category assignments.

See the complete list of defined Similarweb website categories.

  Tip: Industry categories are useful when analyzing the overall performance of a market. For research on a subset of websites, consider creating a custom industry and include only the sites most relevant to your business.

Usage and location

When conducting research within the Market Analysis module in Similarweb, choose your industry and gain valuable digital traffic insights for the market category, or subcategory, of businesses.

Find valuable industry metrics including total overall traffic, the top websites, and traffic trends; and discover growth potential and untapped market share.

Industry insights can be found in several Similarweb tools within the Market Analysis module. Try it now!

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Q: Are industry categories for the Market Intelligence platform (Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Acquisition Channels, Conversion Analysis) the same as industries in Sales Intelligence?

A: Industries in Sales Intelligence vary from industries across the rest of the Similarweb platform. Check out this article for a full list of Sales Intelligence industries.  

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