The Similarweb categorization engine assigns each website to an industry category (also referred to as Industry). This industry assignment is based on the website's content tags, similarity scores, and a learning set of millions of websites with verified category assignments.

The engine can accurately classify an unknown website into a primary category and a sub-category.

See the complete list of defined categories, or define your own custom industry for an in-depth analysis of your sites and your competitor sites.

Usage and location

You will find Industry insights in a variety of Similarweb modules.

By setting an Industry parameter in your research, you'll gain valuable digital traffic insights for a specific category or subcategory of businesses. See the total overall traffic for the industry, the top websites, traffic trends, .. and much more. Discover your growth potential and untapped market share.

Industry insights can be found in several Similarweb tools within the Market Analysis module. Try it now!

Learn more about the industry research tools:

Analyze Industry Leaders

Create a Custom Industry

Identify Industry Trends

Measure Audience Loyalty by Industry

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