Create your own custom industry to build a personalized view of your market and analyze the players that are most relevant to your business.

Create a custom industry

What is the value of creating a custom industry?

Building and using a custom industry allows you to focus on the websites that are most relevant to your market or business objective and discover the metrics that matter, quickly.

Using custom industries, you can:

  • Customize your market analysis: Size any market using websites and website segments.

  • Benchmark with flexibility: Add up to 300 websites and 10 segments to an industry.

How to create a custom industry

The Custom Industry Builder is located in the Market Analysis module.

  1. Go to the Web Market Analysis tool.

  2. Click +Custom Industry

  3. Enter or paste one or more websites. You can also select segments to include in your custom industry.


    If you have Research Intelligence Advanced or Ultimate, you can also generate a list by selecting an industry or a search term.

    Build a custom industry based on industry or search term
  4. Build out your list using the recommendations provided by the Custom Industry Builder, based on the sites you have already added to your list.

  5. Click Save Custom Industry and enter a name for the custom industry.

    Your newly created custom industry list will be available under My Industries on the Web Market Analysis homepage and is shared among all users on your account.

Analyze your custom industry in Market Performance, where you will find traffic and engagement insights for the industry as a whole, as well as top players in the market, what geographies are the largest, and more. For more information, visit View Market Performance.

Adding segments to a custom industry

Building a custom industry allows you to analyze competitive market data that’s relevant for your business. Add website segments to your custom industry and you can get even more granular with your market analysis by focusing on a specific business line or category. You can easily group and analyze segments from across websites to uncover growth opportunities within your tailored market.

Add segments to a custom industry


You can add segments to a custom industry that you've already created in Segment Analysis. You are not able to create a segment within the Custom Industry builder.

Use Case Examples

  • Business Objective: The business strategy team at a US-based e-commerce website wishes to expand into new markets overseas and use eBay as its model.

    Usage and Insights: The team defined a custom industry containing a selection of eBay’s top-level domains (TLDs) to get an overview of the international eBay market. They were able to discover valuable insights including: market size, key growth strategies, users’ interests, and engagement. Based on these insights, the team identified which markets to expand into and created a market penetration strategy.

  • Business Objectives: The marketing team for a new classroom management app wants to advertise on high-end education publishers.

    Usage and Insights: The team created a custom industry containing 20 publisher sites. Analyzing the sites in the group, the team can:

    • Discover the top-performing publishers in the group based on traffic share and engagement metrics.

    • Gain visibility into the channels sending traffic, and the quality of traffic coming from referring sites.

    • Identify publishers that have increased in rank from the previous month, which indicates that their engagement and traffic are improving.

    Based on the insights, the team can close in on publishers that are worth the company’s advertising budget, improving their chances for positive ROI.

  • Business Objectives: An insurance company is looking to size the pet insurance market in the US - which experienced substantial growth during the pandemic as many people got a new furry companion.

    Usage and Insights: In order to fully and accurately understand the size of the pet insurance market, they’ll need to analyze different kinds of players - pure pet insurance sites, players where pet insurance is just one line of business, and insurance comparison sites. The team can easily perform this analysis by creating a custom industry, including both pure pet insurance websites, and pet insurance websites segments.

    While pure players have the lion's share of traffic in the category and are driving the growth, we would be underestimating the market by 35% if not adding multi-business line players.


Q: How can I access this feature?

Creating custom industries based on websites is available to all Research Intelligence and Digital Suite Customers. 

Q: Why can’t I access the industry or search term tabs on the Industry Builder page?

You are only able to build an industry using the industry or search term tabs if you have Digital Research Intelligence or Digital Suite - Advanced or Ultimate packages.

Q: What period of historical data is analyzed to provide website suggestions?

Website suggestions are based on industry data from the previous, complete month.

Q: How can I use search terms to discover websites to include?

By entering a search term your target audience is typing, we provide the list of websites that are recipients of the most traffic from those keywords.

Q: How much historical data is available for a custom industry with a segment?

A: You can view up to 12 months of historical data for custom industries that include at least one segment.

Q: How many segments can I add to a single custom industry?

A: You can add up to 10 segments to a custom industry.

Q: Can I add two (or more) segments from the same site to a custom industry?

A: It is possible but not recommended in the context of building a market. If the two segments from the same site contain overlapping pages, the visits will be double counted.

You cannot add a website and a segment from that website (i.e. & "running shoes" segment of

Q: Can I build a custom industry with segments that are shared with me?

A: You can only build custom industries using segments you have created.

Q: What happens if I delete a segment that is used in a custom industry?

A: The segment will be deleted from that custom industry. If a custom industry has only one segment, the custom industry will disappear.

Q: Can I create a segment from within the Custom Industry Builder?

A: Segments can be created and edited using the Website Segment Analysis tool. You cannot create or edit segments within the Custom Industry Builder. 

After you’ve created a segment in Segment Analysis, you can then add that segment to your custom industry.

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