Custom Industry

A New Category will allow a user to create a custom category which will allow the user to analyze personalized markets. A user can create a personal, fully customizable category or various categories to help ensure they are seeing their Industry as they currently operate. When creating a New Category, the user will have the option to group up to 100 different websites together, creating a unique category in the Industry Analysis module. This New Category will have access to the same sections and metrics available for the 250+ pre-made categories that already exist in SimilarWeb. 

Metrics Included for Industry Analysis:

Industry Index:

  • Overview: Overview of the selected category.

  • Category Share: Distribution of traffic share within the category.

  • Traffic Sources: Category's traffic source distribution.

  • Top Keywords: List of keywords sending traffic to the category from paid and organic search.


  • Traffic share: Percent of traffic sent to each domain.

  • Change: Shows the month-over-month change in traffic volume by percentage. 

  • Rank: Traffic rank of a site compared to all other sites in the world (#1 being the site with the most traffic in the world).

  • Monthly visits: Sum of all visits (non-unique, desktop & mobile) per month.

  • Desktop vs Mobile: Percent of incoming traffic from desktop vs. mobile web.

  • Visit duration: Average time spent by the users on the website per visit.

  • Pages/Visit: Average website pages viewed per visit.

  • Bounce rate: Percentage of visitors that viewed only one page on the website before exiting.

  • AdSense: Indicates whether the domain uses Google AdSense.

For more information, see Creating a Custom Category.

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