There are many different page elements available to help you navigate between pages and workflows and to support the easy execution of functionality.

This guide is intended to define the terms, icons, filters, menus most common on the pages of Similarweb solutions. Note: Navigational elements may vary depending on your package, including the features and insights presented on the page you are viewing.

General Page Navigation

The following page view (from Digital Marketing Intelligence) displays a typical page within Similarweb and highlights the key navigational items.

  • Platform Navigation Icons: Toggle between solutions.

  • Left bar navigation: toggle between solutions and workflow pages, to your dashboards and workspaces, and to your general account settings.

  • Compare/Add Button: enter or add additional websites for comparison when you are analyzing data.

  • Top Filters : set parameters to be applied to the insight modules.

    Date | Country | Desktop/Mobile/All Traffic: Set the date range, select the country, and decide whether to show data for desktop, mobile, or both.

  • Functional Icons: include various general functions, such as exporting to Excel, changing metrics, sorting and filtering, or adding the data to your dashboard.

Left Bar Navigation


Icon/Button Description


Home: Your solution home page


Digital Marketing Solution: Use Digital Marketing Intelligence to optimize your traffic across search, display, affiliate, and more


Digital Research Solution: Explore your market, Discover industry trends, Analyze competitive performance & understand audience behavior


Workspace: Provides the ability to customize a work environment based on your specific competitive landscape

See Create an Arena


Dashboards: Create dashboards from scratch or use our predefined templates based on the most common metrics

See Build Your Own Dashboard


App Research: Analyze any app's digital strategy and performance


Conversion Analysis: View bottom-of-the-funnel metrics, like conversion rate and converted visits, and identify the best converting marketing channels for a given industry.

See Conversion Analysis


Custom Insights: Generate customized reports


Knowledge Center: Step-by-step and use case articles to help you with your journey and perform your Similarweb tasks

See our Knowledge Center


Similarweb Solutions: Switch between all Similarweb solutions in your account, or discover new solutions.


Settings: Add/update your financial and user information in your account

Functional Icons


Icon/Button Description


Include Subdomains: Include subdomains, such as


Date: Select the period of time you would like to analyze. You can also compare to past periods, depending on your package.

See Period Over Period in Comparison Mode


Country: Select the country you would like to analyze, depending on your package.


All Traffic: Indicates web data includes both desktop and mobile


Desktop/Mobile Web Traffic: Filter to compare desktop or mobile web data


Download Excel: Export contents of a table to Excel format


PowerPoint: Export any dashboard into an editable PPT file, where all metrics and tables are natively built within PowerPoint


PDF: Export your dashboard reports to PDF format


PNG: Export contents of a chart to an image file for use in presentations, emails, etc.


Change table metrics: Filter to display certain metrics on the page.


Add to Dashboard: Create a new dashboard based on specific metrics, or add to an existing dashboard

See Build Your Own Dashboard

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