Find the data and insights you need to transform your business' digital performance with Similarweb's streamlined sidebar navigation and page elements.

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You’ll find all the Similarweb pages and insights nestled in the following modules: Market Analysis, Competitive Research, Acquisition Channels, and Conversions. In addition, the sidebar navigation makes it easy to access the workspaces and dashboards you've created.


Competitive Trackers: Create Competitive Trackers to monitor the digital performance of your competitors through ready-to-use insights and automated alerts.

Dashboards: Build custom dashboards or use a predefined template based on common metrics.

Market Analysis Module: Capitalize on emerging market trends and grow your market share.

Competitive Research Module: Discover ways to become a market leader by outperforming your rivals.

Acquisition Channels: Improve ROI across your marketing channels to grow your website traffic.

Conversion Analysis: View bottom-of-the-funnel metrics, like conversion rate and converted visits, and identify the best converting marketing channels for a given industry.

What's New: See what new and exciting features and metrics the Similarweb has to offer.

Settings: Manage your account and user information.

Page Navigation

Similarweb pages offer many features and filters that make it easy to target and analyze the websites and data most relevant to your business objects. Each page offers various functions, such as exports, support collaboration, and data management.

At the top of

  • Compare/Add : the blue icon at the top of the page allows you to enter or add additional websites for comparison and data analysis.

  • Date | Country | Desktop/Mobile/All Traffic: Set the date range, select the country, and decide whether to show data for desktop, mobile, or both.

  • Functional Icons: include various general functions, such as exporting to Excel, changing metrics, sorting and filtering, or adding the data to your dashboard.



    Icon/Button Description


    Include Subdomains: Include subdomains, such as

    Show Google Analytics Data: Click the toggle to view Google Analytics data.

      Note: This toggle will only be available if the site has publicly connected Google Analytics or privately connected and you are on the relevant account.


    Education Bar: Open the education bar to view relevant feature guides, use case guides, and/or video tutorials to the page you're using.


    Date: Select the period of time you would like to analyze. You can also compare to past periods, depending on your package.

      Tip: Learn about See Period Over Period in Comparison Mode.


    Country: Select the country you would like to analyze, depending on your package.


    All Traffic: Indicates web data includes both desktop and mobile.


    Desktop/Mobile Web Traffic: Filter to compare desktop or mobile web data.


    Download Excel: Export the contents of a table to Excel format.


    PowerPoint: Export any dashboard into an editable PPT file, where all metrics and tables are natively built within PowerPoint.


    PDF: Export your dashboard reports to PDF format.


    PNG: Export contents of a chart to an image file for use in presentations, emails, etc.


    Share Graph: Easily share a graph to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


    Change table metrics: Filter to display certain metrics on the page.


    Add to Dashboard: Create a new dashboard based on specific metrics, or add to an existing dashboard.


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