Dashboards provide quick access to the metrics and insights most useful to you. Create a custom dashboard or choose a dashboard template.

What is the value?

Conveniently gather the insights most relevant to you in your personal dashboard. Define the competitors you're looking out for, choose the metrics that are most important for your analysis, and track the performance of traffic types (desktop vs. mobile traffic). At a glance, these insights help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Once you've created a dashboard, it can be modified to include new metrics of interest. You can also choose to share it with your team, subscribe to receive regular updates, and use it as a template to create additional dashboards.


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How to create a dashboard using a template

To create a new dashboard from a predefined template:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click the Dashboard icon Screen_Shot_2021-06-21_at_11_17_56_PM.pngto access the Dashboards page.

  2. Click New Dashboard. A collection of dashboard templates is presented.

  3. Look through the list of predefined dashboard templates to find the one that best represents your needs. Click Select.

    Note: You may prefer to build your own custom dashboard.

  4. Provide a name for your dashboard.

  5. Enter your main website and up to four competitors.

  6. Select a country.

  7. When finished, click Create Dashboard.

    Note: You can click View Sample to see a view of how your dashboard will look.

Once you've created your dashboard you can update it, share it, download the data, and more!

Additional features include:

  • Add Metric: Select from a list of metrics to add to your existing dashboard.

  • Subscribe: Subscribe to receive email notifications when the dashboard has fresh data.

    Note: Get notified weekly on dashboards containing the last 28 days of data, and monthly for dashboards with data that refreshes at a monthly frequency and choose if you want to receive email notifications, per dashboard. Dashboards are not available for fixed time frames since there is nothing to refresh.

  • Share: Share with all users on your account, or only with specific users. You have the option to notify users by email.

  • Download PDF: Click Export to download your dashboard to a formatted PDF file.

  • Download PPT: Click Export to download your dashboard to a formatted PPT file.

  • Duplicate: Click the three dots to duplicate this dashboard.

  • Delete: Click the three dots to delete the current dashboard.

Custom dashboards

Why create a Custom Dashboard?

Gain easy access to the competitive market intelligence data that is most important to you:

  • Quickly explore changes in visits and engagement metrics for sites and apps you constantly track

  • Mix data from different devices (mobile apps vs web) and/or different countries in one simple view to get a better understanding of your business

  • Build different dashboards for all your business needs, with a simple drag & drop capability

  • Present the data in a way that suits your needs (pie, tables, single metric, graph)

  • Share your dashboards with your colleagues with an easy PDF download

How to build your own

Position a custom selection of widgetized metrics side-by-side on a single page, gaining a comprehensive overview of all the important changes across your chosen websites and mobile apps.

To create a custom dashboard:

  1. Click Dashboards > New Dashboard.

  2. Click Create Custom Dashboard.

  3. Hover over a metric you would like to add and then click Add.

  4. Define the settings for your metric type.

    Note: To the right, you will see a preview of your dashboard.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Provide a name for your dashboard.


What dashboard templates are available?

The following templates are available:

  • Mobile App Monitoring: Track your Android app's competitive landscape and audience data. Use this dashboard to stay on top of your mobile competitors or portfolio.

  • Daily Competitive Analysis: Monitor your performance against the competition, over the last 28 days. Monitor for spikes in competitor traffic and spot changes in engagement behavior.

  • Monthly Competitive Overview: A high-level overview of your competitive landscape. Benchmark yourself against up to 4 competitors to analyze your performance in context.

  • Yearly Competitive Analysis: All the metrics you need to benchmark a company’s business performance against the market.

  • Website Audience Analysis: Benchmark your audience against your competitors' to increase reach and optimize messaging. A high-level overview of your competitors' audience, including demographics, geolocation, engagement metrics, and desktop-mobile traffic share.

  • Website Keyword Optimization: Use this snapshot of the keywords bringing in the most search traffic to your website. Track down the keywords you are losing to competitor websites and identify the keywords worth building your site's SEO strategy around.

  • SEO Monitoring: A comprehensive view of your SEO performance and competitive landscape. Track your market share growth, gain insight into the quality of search traffic, and discover trending keywords.

  • Paid Search Performance: Visibility into your paid search competitive landscape. Benchmark & monitor your paid search performance, reveal the trending paid keywords, and analyze your PPC battleground.

  • Affiliate Marketing Optimization: Grow your traffic from affiliates by tracking your competitor's referring domains, identifying new and optimizing existing partnerships, and analyzing the referral battleground.

  • Social Media Monitoring: Insights into social media traffic trends, key social platforms used by competitors, and the social competitor battleground

  • Keyword Group Analysis: Use your keyword group to gain visibility into performance and reveal who is bidding on and getting traffic from your keyword group.

  • Company Profile: All the metrics you need to profile and evaluate a company in one view.

Emails Notifications

Can I receive email notifications for dashboards shared with me?


Are email notifications enabled by default?

No, they are disabled by default. You will need to subscribe to the dashboards you wish to receive notifications for.

Can I change the frequency of emails I receive?

No. The frequency of the notification emails is synchronized with new data updates. For dashboards containing the last 28 days' data, you will receive weekly notification emails. For dashboards containing monthly data, you will receive monthly notification emails.

If I subscribe to multiple dashboards, will I get lots of different emails?

We will bundle up all your email notifications of the same type. You will get one weekly email for all the dashboards you subscribed to containing the last 28 days' data. You will get one monthly email for all the dashboards you subscribed to containing monthly data.

I want to turn on/off all my dashboards - is there a way to do this without going into each dashboard separately?

No, for now, the only way to turn on/off dashboard notifications is by turning this on for each individual dashboard.


Can I export my dashboard to PowerPoint presentations to share with my colleagues?

Yes, you can export any dashboard into an editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, which means every table, graph, or chart is fully editable and customizable within PowerPoint (including the ability to access the underlying spreadsheet data of any of the metrics).

Can I share dashboards with non-Similarweb users at my company?

You can share dashboards within your Similarweb account only, so all recipients will need a Similarweb user/license.

How will my colleagues know that I shared a dashboard?

You have the option to check the box for users to be notified by email with a link to the shared dashboard.

Can I share dashboards with people outside of my company?

No, Similarweb dashboards can only be shared within your company.

Can I share with specific people and/or all users in the account?

Yes! You have the option to share with specific colleagues or all users in your Similarweb account.

If a dashboard is shared is it “view-only” for all other users?

Yes, the owner of the dashboard is the only one who can edit the dashboard metrics. When you share a dashboard, those you share it with can view it and interact with it, but can't edit it.

If a dashboard is shared with me, am I able to edit it?

No. However, ‘view-only’ users of a dashboard are able to duplicate it in order to edit the dashboard. These changes will only appear under their user and not on the originally shared dashboard.

If I update a dashboard after it’s shared, will it automatically update for everyone?


Can I stop sharing a dashboard?

Yes, if you are the dashboard owner then you can revoke access for all other users in your Similarweb account.

What happens if I share a dashboard with a custom asset (custom category/keyword group) in it?

This will work within the dashboard that was shared, but you won’t see it in your custom assets. If you duplicate the dashboard you will get this custom asset added to your user and can edit as required (this won’t be linked to the custom asset of the original user)

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