Build lead lists to easily qualify your prospects and monitor leads and existing accounts.

What is the value of creating account lists?

Creating account lists allows you to streamline your lead generation and enrichment process. You can create account lists to:

  • Manage prospects you are currently working on and qualify new business opportunities

  • Create lists by industry, size, or geography to segment and track your existing customer base

Track the prospects and leads you pulled with the Advanced Search, or, import an external list of prospects, leads, and existing accounts. Using the account list filters, you can enrich those leads with Similarweb data and hone in on the most relevant accounts for your business.

Create a new account list

  1. From the Sales Intelligence home page, select My Lists in the navigation menu.

  2. Click Add List.

  3. Enter a Name for the new list.

  4. Enter or paste one or more prospect or customer domains. When finished, click Save.

Update an existing account list

After creating your initial list of accounts, you may want to add more leads as you continue to do your research (with and without Similarweb).

To update an existing list:

  1. Within your list, click Add Accounts > Add existing leads.

    Note: Click Add Accounts > Find similar sites to receive recommendations based on your existing list.

  2. Enter or paste additional prospect/customer websites.

  3. Click Save.

Apply account list filters

After you’ve created an account list, your lead generation and enrichment job isn’t finished. You still need to qualify and narrow that list down to the most relevant leads for you. The account list Filters panel gives you the tools to do just that, directly in your Lead list!


The filters you apply in your List will not affect your selections in the Advanced Search.

Within the filter panel, you’ll find Company & Website filters, Traffic & Engagement filters, and Contacts Profiles



Company & Website Filters

Set the Company and Website filters to focus your efforts on accounts that match various criteria, including company size and location, category or industry, business type, and technologies used.

  • Website Filters



    + Type: Specify the types of sites to include in your list. Search for eCommerce and Digital Publisher, and Digital Advertiser sites.




    + Industry: Filter to include accounts in any industry, or a specific industry. (see the complete list of industries available).




    + Technologies: Filter to include or excluded websites that are using specific technologies.

    Tip: Find companies working with competing or complementary technology to increase the likelihood of a partnership.




    +Top Level Domains: Set the desired domain types to include or exclude.(i.e., .com, .org, etc.)


  • Company Filters



    + Headquarter Location: Find companies in geographical regions where you conduct business. Set the country filters (for the company HQs) and set postal/zip codes to zero-in.




    + Employee Headcount and Annual Revenue: Target just the right-sized company for your business partnerships.


  • Exclude Filters



    + By Similarweb Account Lists: Remove duplication by excluding websites that already appear in one of your account lists.




    + By Suppression Lists: Exclude irrelevant domains such as clients or prospects you are already working with.




    + By Salesforce Accounts: Remove websites that already appear in your Salesforce account list. You can exclude all duplicates or websites by a specific account owner or account type.




    + By Hubspot Accounts: Remove websites that already appear in your Hubspot account list. You can exclude all duplicate websites or websites by a specific account owner or account type.




Traffic & Engagement Filters

Filter companies based on specific website traffic metrics and target the perfect leads. Metrics you can set include:


+ Incoming Traffic: Filter the visits, visitors, and page views to target websites that are generating desired traffic volume.


+ International Visits: Find companies that are generating international traffic.


+ Traffic changes: Target growing or trending websites.


+ Engagement metrics: Find sites with high-quality traffic or company that may be looking to improve traffic engagement.


+ Marketing Channels: Set the range for traffic ratios by marketing channels.


+ Audience Gender and Age: Target a specific demographic for your list.



Contacts Filters

Use contact filters to build and save contact profiles in lead generation and enrichment efforts. To learn more about building contact profiles, visit Contacts and Contact Profiles.


+ Employee Location: Use the Include or Exclude filters to search for specific geographical regions


+ Employee Profiles: Toggle to include a specific Contact profile in your Account List, or click “Add another profile” to define a new contact profile.


+ Contact Details: If desired, choose to view only contacts where email, phone, or both are provided.

Reveal account list contacts

Not only can you enrich your lead list with traffic and engagement data, but you can easily identify the most relevant decision-makers with account list Contacts.

  1. Click the "Contacts" tab , right next to "Websites".

  2. Use the Contact filters to tailor the list of company contacts to fit your desired criteria.


Contact data is available as an add-on. If you are interested, please reach out to your account manager.


Q: Can I export accounts and contacts data?

A: Yes, you can export account and contacts data to excel, or directly to your Salesforce or Hubspot account.

Feature location

Sales Intelligence Homepage > My Lists > Accounts List

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