Don’t miss out on potential opportunities by continuously refreshing your pipeline.

Once your lists are set up, there are 3 main ways to easily update your pipeline in Similarweb. We suggest refreshing your lists monthly to remove any sites you no longer want to track and add in new leads.

Let’s dive in. Within your Similarweb account, follow these steps.

Option 1:

On the top right-hand side of your list, click More Leads and either paste in leads or find new leads using the Lead Generator tool (or add new leads you found from other sources)


Option 2:

Based on the sites that you are currently tracking within your list, Similarweb will generate Recommended similar sites. Our recommendations are carefully curated to suggest sites with similar size and reach similar content and keywords, and similar audience interest.


Option 3:

Within the Research section of the platform, any time you are shown website results, you can easily add them to your list by hovering over the domain name and clicking Add To List.

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