Find contact information for a prospect's key stakeholders and decision-makers, including names, business email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Contact data is available as an add-on. If you are interested, please reach out to your account manager.

Note: Each contact revealed uses one credit. Once a contact is revealed, it can always be accessed by anyone on the team without using any additional credits.

What is the Value?

Contact data empowers you to find and connect with the right decision-makers within a company. Paired with our unique insights, you can easily craft a winning pitch and focus on the right opportunities, increasing your chances for success.

With our new Contacts page in Account Review, you can reveal relevant contacts for a company - not just an individual website. The Contacts page surfaces relevant contacts for a specific company, without having to navigate through the lead generator.

How to Use Contacts

  1. From the Sales Intelligence homepage, enter a website to analyze.

  2. Under the Company section, find Contacts.

    Note: This feature is also available within the Lead Generator. For more information, see Contacts and Contact Profiles.

    Search for a specific contact by typing their name into the search bar above the table. You can also tailor your list of contacts with the following three filters:

    • Contact Profiles: Save preset Contact profiles based on department, seniority, and role. You can apply previously saved profiles to the Contacts list, or create a new Contact profile.

      Note: Any profiles created in the Lead Generator will be available on the Contacts page

    • Employee Location: Specify the location of employees you would like to get information on.

    • Contacts details: Choose to see Contacts with email, phone, or both.

Feature Location

Try it now! Sales Intelligence Homepage . Enter a website and go to > Contacts.

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