Whether you're looking for key contacts within a specific company or you want to generate a list of contacts from a pool of ideal prospects, the Contacts search filters can help. Quickly generate a list of key decision-makers and uncover valuable contact information including titles, direct phone numbers, and email addresses.


What is the Value

The contact search tool makes it easy to find relevant decision-makers across a number of companies and vastly improve your client prospecting workflow and efficiency.

Build a list of relevant decision-makers at your ideal prospective companies including names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers. You can search for contacts in two ways:

  • Search for relevant contacts within a specific company or companies of interest using the Contact Search sidebar.

  • Search the entire database of contacts across all companies that meet your defined search criteria using the bulk search option.

Another important feature of the Contacts search tool is the ability to create and save profiles. With a variety of employee profiles created, you can select the appropriate profile type to include in your Lead Generation efforts.

How to build a contact list

In the Sales Intelligence solution, there are two ways to gather contact information. To begin, log in to the Similarweb Sales Intelligence solution.

Find Contacts by Company
  1. From within your existing lead list, select a company.

    The right sidebar opens and reveals information about the company and its traffic trends and insights. (Learn how to generate a Lead List.)

  2. Click the Contacts icon. Contact_Icon_8-Oct-2021.jpeg. Apply the desired filters to focus on the most relevant contacts.

  3. Hover over the names in the list to reveal the contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, and profiles

Build Contact Profiles for Use in Lead Generation

The Contacts search allows you to create prospect profiles and save lists of key decision-makers. There are a variety of filters used to create and save profiles

to use in building Use the Contacts search in addition to the other lead discovery filters to improve your prospecting workflow and generate the most relevant leads and contacts.

  1. Select Find Companies and choose Company Search.

  2. Click the Contacts icon in the left search panel. Using the contact filters set the search parameters to include in your lead generation search.


    Employee Location: Search for contacts in specified countries.

    Employee Profiles: Build user profiles. Each profile will be saved and can be selected and used as part of your Lead Generation searches.

    Department: Select the departments
    Seniority: choose the contact's seniority level
    Titles: choose to include or exclude specific job titles.

    Tip: Choose the desired contact profiles to include in your Advanced Search to discover ideal prospects and key stakeholders.

    Contact Details: Set to show only contacts with Email, Phone, or both

Using the Advanced Search, you can now incorporate your defined contact profiles and other Contact criteria in your search for new leads and prospects.

Feature Location

Try it now! Go to Sales Intelligence >Find companies > Company search

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