Web Industry Analysis

Uncovers the competitive landscape, and a company's position within a market. Discover expansion opportunities using industry level data for over 250 categories, 60+ countries and 15+ US states.

Web Category Analysis includes data for:

Leader board:

  • Top Websites: List of domains that are ranked based on Similarweb’s Website Rank algorithm.

  • Rankings By Source: Industry leaders according to each traffic source (Referrals, Search, Social, Display Ads, Direct and Mail).

Industry Index (based on an index of the top 100 websites in the category):

  • Overview: An overview of the selected category.

  • Category Share: Distribution of traffic share within the category.

  • Traffic Sources: Category's traffic source distribution.

  • Top Keywords: List of keywords sending traffic to the category from paid and organic search.

Make Strategic Business and Marketing Decisions with Web Category Analysis. Assess new markets and learn how to penetrate them, identify industry leaders, uncover their secrets for digital success, and build the best growth strategy for the targeted industry and market.


Understand Category and Industry trends

The automotive industry as a category shows largely automotive retailers and automotive parts or services. Within all Similarweb Categories, we can see a time over time comparison, specifically below a year over year comparison. This comparison will allow users to understand how an industry has increased or decreased its traffic share and visits from a year over year comparison. We can see here the top websites and their change by percentage. Further below, the graph will show the aggregated monthly visits in comparison to the previous year, with additional metrics *visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate) available to toggle between.

Discover & Qualify Potential Investments

An online retail giant is looking for local expansion opportunities via classified sites. Using the Top Sites feature the retailer can easily access a list of these sites, including the following important qualification and benchmarking metrics: industry traffic share and website rank. Download this list to Excel for further analysis via Similarweb’s Website Analysis module or via Similarweb’s API.

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