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Understand your business landscape and easily benchmark your performance against the market leaders.

What is the value?

Using Market Players will provide you important visibility into the leaders in your market and help you achieve the following:

  • Learn from successful players.
  • Report on your performance in the context of other players and the market.
  • Increase revenue by identifying missed opportunities and successful marketing strategies.

How to use Market Players


Some features may not be available when analyzing a custom industry that includes segments.

  • Within Market Research > Market Analysis, choose an industry. Or, create a custom industry to analyze a personalized view of your market. Once selected an industry, continue to Players to research your market.
  • To refine your analysis, use the filters in the upper right to set the time period and country that you would like to analyze.

Definitions and Metrics

Market Shares

Analyze websites within an industry to understand who are the leaders and who's gaining or losing traffic share over-time.

Market share of market players

Market share over time

Rising & Declining Market Players

See which players are the fastest growing or declining in unique visitors in a Period-over-Period change

Rising & Declining Market Players


If you select a month, it compares to the month before (e.g. May vs. April)
If you select 3 months, it compares to the previous 3 months, (e.g. Apr-Jun vs. Jan-Mar)
If you select a year, it compares to the year before (e.g. 2022 vs. 2021)

Market Quadrant Analysis


About Quadrants

A quadrant (2x2) visualization is commonly used to plot market players because it provides a simple and intuitive way to understand and analyze the competitive landscape:

  • Synthesizes complex information into four simple groups
  • Makes it easy to compare and contrast players’ relative positioning, strengths and weaknesses on two dimensions
  • Allows to identify patterns, trends, and outliers in the market
  • We provide you the tools to make data-driven decision-making easier, in order to inform potential partnerships, acquisitions, threats.
  • Audience Growth
    • X axis -  Audience Size (Unique Visitors):
      • Definition: The monthly Avg of the measured websites' unique visitors.
      • Represents: The size of a website's audience.
    • Y axis - Growth Period-over-Period Unique Visitors Change:
      • Definition: The growth rate of a website's unique visitors audience size PoP.
      • Represents: Whether a website's audience size is growing, stable or shrinking.
    • Bubble size: Monthly Visits.

Market leaders - audience growth quadrant

  • Brand Strength
    • X axis - Direct traffic:
      • Definition: Traffic from users who directly land on the site, without intermediary (e.g - search results page).
      • Represents: High brand awareness.
    • Y axis - Branded search volume:
      • Definition: Volume of searches associated with the site's brand.
      • Represents: High demand for the brand linked to the website.
    • Bubble size: Monthly visits

Quadrant - Brand Strength

  • Cost Efficiency
    • X axis - PoP Change in visits:
      • Definition: Growth in monthly visits Vs. the previous period.
      • Represents: How effective the cost-spend in advertising is in driving growth.
    • Y axis - PPC Spend:
      • Definition: Spending on PPC search terms over the analyzed period.
      • Represents: High PPC spend is a good proxy for how high advertising budgets are.
    • Bubble size: Monthly visits

Quadrants - Cost Efficiency

  • Loyalty & Retention
    • X axis - Loyalty: % exclusive visitors (Desktop):
      • Definition: The % of visitors who visit only 1 site in the market.
      • Represents: High exclusive visitors shows brand that manages to drive preference amongst their audience.
    • Y axis - Retention: % returning visitors (Desktop):
      • Definition: % of visitors who visited the site more than once in the last 3 months.
      • Represents: High ratio of returning visitors is a good indication of a brand that manage to retain their audience.
    • Bubble size: Unique visitors.

Quadrants - Loyalty & Retention

Top 100 Players Table

In the table, view the list of the top websites and sort them by all the relevant KPIs:market players - top 100 websites

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