New vs. Returning Users

Analyze the % of new users (unique visitors that did not visit the site for at least three months) a website acquires vs. % of returning users (unique visitors who visited the website within three months period) on a monthly granularity to track audience behavior and measure engagement levels.

Currently available on Desktop and up to 12 months of historical data.


New Users are unique visitors that were not spotted visiting the site for at least three months. Returning Users are the opposite of new users, i.e., every user that visited a site within the three months lifetime.

  • For a single site: The user can see the ratio (number and percentage) of New Users vs. Returning users over time.

  • For comparison: The user can see the ratio of New Users OR Returning users over time.


Understand the types of users, their behaviors, and the impact of new vs. returning users have on a website’s overall performance. Use these insights to measure the success of your audience acquisition and retention strategies.

Note: This is available per country or worldwide.

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