Identify market threats and opportunities by assessing the size & growth of various market segments, in order to achieve your business goals.

  Note: You can use Market Segmentation for any of Similarweb's predefined industries

What is Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation is a strategic approach that involves dividing a broad industry into smaller, homogeneous sub-categories based on various factors, by understanding the unique characteristics and specific requirements of these sub-categories.

What is the value of Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation enables companies to focus their resources, messaging, and product offerings to better meet the diverse needs and preferences of specific customer groups, ultimately leading to more successful and impactful marketing campaigns.

By using Market Segmentation, you will be able to -

  • Find pockets of growth in declining industries by spotting penetration opportunities.
  • Optimize your portfolio strategy and resource allocation across your categories.
  • Decide to diversify your lines of business and expand into new ones.
  • Identify emerging trends: Spot new sectors or niche markets

How to Use Market Segmentation

Within Market Research > Market Analysis, select an industry, to analyze a personalized view of your market. 

Navigate to  Segmentation to research your market.

To specify your analysis, Select the country and the time period you want to analyze the market for - using the filters at the top.

Definitions and Metrics

Size & Growth Overview

For a specific market, analyze the size & growth of each segment in monthly visits on Avg. for the selected period.

We use the Similarweb predefined industries to provide you with a breakdown of how different markets are segmented.

Size & Growth Overview

Total: Monthly visits across all the sites represented on the graph.

Main Industry: Represented by the dark-blue bar, includes the top 100 websites across all sub-industries.


We recommend using the Period-over-Period analysis to unlock the full potential of Market Segmentation, allowing you to analyze the performance of any market in a given time period and uncover seasonal or periodical changes.

Size and Growth over time

Begin tracking market segments' size and growth over time in order to spot growth opportunities.

Size and Growth over Time

Cross-market overview

Easily analyze all of the data presented in the charts in a simple table at the bottom of the page - 

Cross market overview

Tip: The industries included in the table will depend on the one you've selected for your analysis

Main industries will show along with other main industries, and sub-industries will show under the main industry it belongs to, along with other sub-industries

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