You can customize your Similarweb workflow so that you can access the most relevant market intelligence insights quickly and easily.

Custom Industries: Stay on top of your own ecosystem

Custom Industries allows you to create your own industries to track and analyze the brands or sites that are most relevant to your market.

You can create a custom industry directly from Web Industry Analysis. You can see the top websites, traffic sources, and leaders per source and the most searched keywords for the industry you’ve created.

To create a custom industry, see Create a Custom Industry.

Keyword Lists: Track your most important keywords

Use a Keyword List to track the keywords most important to you. Monitor and share the list(s) of keywords that are most valuable to your digital strategy and campaigns. (And keep an eye on your competitor's keywords too!)

Simply go to the Keyword Lists page and click Create a new list to get started! Once a list is created, you can share it, update it, and download the insights to Excel for further analysis and tracking.


Get a broader view of keyword share by setting your time frames to 12 months or more. Spot up-to-date trends change by filtering your time frame to 28 days.

Custom Dashboards: Build a custom view of your most important metrics

Dashboards offer a quick and comprehensive overview of the market intelligence data that is most important to you and your business. Use custom dashboards to spot changes across any site, app, industry, or keyword over time and get a better understanding of your business all in one place.

To add a new Dashboard, see Build Your Own Dashboard. Then, share it and subscribe to receive updates via email.


Download your dashboard into a PDF so that you can easily share your analysis with your team and integrate Similarweb market intelligence insights into your workflow.

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