Keyword lists are an easy way to keep track of the performance of keywords valuable to your digital strategy. Create, monitor, and share the lists of keywords that are most valuable to your digital strategy and campaigns, and the campaigns of your competition.

Build a list of keywords and monitor their performance for you vs. your competitors throughout your campaign.

What is the Value of Keyword Lists?

Keyword lists help you easily and conveniently track and monitor the performance of keywords important to you and your competitors' digital traffic strategies. When creating your keyword lists, you can choose to populate the keyword list manually with desired keywords or use the Similarweb Keyword Generator Tools to find new and relevant keywords to be added and monitored.

Keyword lists offer several at-a-glance insights that help you monitor traffic volume, trends, CPC, and who is winning the most traffic from each keyword.

Once you’ve created a keyword list, you can share it with any team member or department who creates content or messaging for your brand to create better consistency around the topics your target.

How to Create a Keyword List

To create a keyword list:

  1. From the left-navigation menu, go to the Keyword Research module and select Monitor Keywords.

  2. Click +Create New List.

  3. You have two options. If you know the keyword that you want to monitor select Enter a Keyword List. Or, use the Keyword Generator Tool to locate related keywords.

    • Enter a Keyword List: Enter a name for the new list. They, type or paste the list of keywords.

      When finished, click Save.

    • Keyword Generator Tool: Enter a seed keyword, select a country, and then click Go. A list of keywords will be generated for you.

      To create a list, select each keyword you want to add to your list and click Create New List. You can either add to an existing list or create a new one.

Note: Keyword lists can also be created from other areas of the solution. If you are viewing another data page that displays a list of keywords, simply select the keyword and the options to Create List or Add to List will be presented.


Keyword lists offer several key insights that help you track traffic volume, change in volume, trends, CPC, and who is winning the most traffic from each keyword.

  • Keywords: Represents a list of keywords based on your seed keyword.

  • Traffic Share: Traffic share for this keyword in relation to the entire list.

  • MoM Change: Percentage of change in traffic from the most recent month to the prior month.

  • Volume: Average number of monthly searches for this keyword.

  • Trend: Search volume for this keyword (over the last 12 months).

  • CPC: Average price advertisers pay for a click on their ad in Google’s paid search results.

  • Leader: Website that receives the most traffic from this keyword.

How to Monitor Keyword Lists

The Monitor Keywords page provides a centralized location to view and monitor the Keyword Lists you have created and lists that have been shared with you.

  1. From the left-navigation menu, go to the Keyword Research module and select Monitor Keywords

    The page displays the Keyword Lists you have created and lists that have been shared with you.

  2. Click See All Keywords to view a more in-depth analysis of the keywords in a list.

  3. To drill down further on a specific keyword, click the Keyword link in the table.

How to Share a Keyword List

To share a keyword list:

  1. From the Monitor Keywords page, click See All Keywords to open an existing keyword list.

  2. Click the Share button and update the share settings.

    Choose to Share with all users in your account or Share with specific users.

  3. Select the Notify New User checkbox to notify your teammates.

Note: the additional users have view-only access to the list and cannot add or remove keywords.

Keyword Recommendations

Similarweb provides ongoing keyword recommendations based on the content of that list. The list of recommended keywords helps you keep your list up-to-date and relevant.

To see keyword recommendations:

  1. Within a keyword list, click See All Keywords.

  2. Click Recommended Keywords.

    A list of keywords that were identified to be the most relevant for you to track will be listed.

  3. To add a keyword to your existing list, just click Add.

Note: You will receive keyword recommendations no more than once a week.

If you're Nike, for example, and built a keyword list on the topic of "running shoes", Similarweb’s recommendation feature will suggest important trending keywords. Using our own proprietary algorithm, we detect similar keywords that change the most and are relevant to the group you are monitoring. This helps you keep your keyword list fresh and always up to date. The suggested keywords will be similar to the ones in your predefined list but will help you stay ahead of the competition by receiving even more keyword opportunities.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Monitor Keywords > Create New List

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