Under Sales Performance, you can find four graphs and tables:

Monthly Performance

The Monthly Performance graph allows you to analyze category performance over time.

  • Units Sold: Number of units sold in the selected domain, category, and time frame

  • Revenue: Amount of revenue generated in the category for the selected domain and time frame

  • Product Views: Number of unique product views in the selected domain, category, and time frame. Multiple views of a specific product by a user within a 30-minute session are counted as one product view.

  • CVR: Conversion rate is calculated by dividing unique purchases by product views in the selected domain, category, and time frame

Note: The default displays Total for a Single Period. You can also filter to show Share, and Year over Year (YoY), and Month over Month (MoM) data.

You can view by 1P vs. 3P.

  • 1P: A first-party relationship where Amazon acts as the retailer and the brand as a wholesale vendor.

  • 3P: A third-party relationship where Amazon provides the marketplace in which the brand acts as a seller.

Competitive Landscape

The Competitive Landscape shows the top brands in the selected category on two dimensions: Product Views and Conversion Rate.


Tip: Use the competitive landscape to identify potential threats and risks from competitor brands.

In the Top Brands table, you can find the top-selling brands in the category you’re analyzing. You can sort the table by Units Sold, Revenue, or Product Views.


Top Products

In the Top Products table, you can find the top-performing products in the selected category and time frame. Click the product name to open the relevant product listing on Amazon.


Tip: Use the top products table to identify new product opportunities and adjust your portfolio based on real consumer demand.

Product Performance Over Time

Clicking the product will display the product performance over time. Overlay pairs of top-line metrics for any category to analyze trends over time.


Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Categories > Sales Performance

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