Traffic sent from social media sites, such as Facebook or Reddit, to the analyzed domain(s) during the specified time frame.


Traffic from Facebook, via the Facebook Ad Network, is tracked as social traffic. This includes direct media buying from Facebook.


How does Similarweb categorize paid social traffic?

If we see a visit from a social network and we detect an Ad Network that is known to us, associated with the click, we will attribute this traffic to the Display Advertising channel. If we are not able to detect an Ad Network that is known to us, the traffic will be attributed to the Social channel.


Similarweb does not currently distinguish between paid and organic social traffic.

Why can't I see Popular Pages for Social networks?

Similarweb analyzes websites and apps, not users. Therefore, the Similarweb product does not include any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our product shows aggregated information for entire websites, apps, and groups of websites. Popular Pages shows the full URL and UTM structure for a page, which often contains PII for Social Networks, therefore we do not show this data.

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