Display Advertising Traffic

Display Advertising contains an analysis of traffic reaching the analyzed domain from display ads through an ad network, excluding direct media buying traffic (look in Referrals).

Display Advertising Traffic includes:

  • Historical data based on the selected time frame

  • The total number of visits that reach the analyzed site through ad networks

  • A list of the Ad Networks sending traffic to the analyzed site

  • A list of the Publishers sending traffic to the analyzed site

  • The banners and landing pages used by the analyzed site

  • Tabs for Publishers, User Acquisition Networks, Creatives and Videos


Understand the quality of display traffic reaching the site, and understand which site is producing quality traffic.

Use the additional tabs below, to understand the time frame in which a publisher is sending traffic (which month) and the percentage of traffic going to your site for that month.

Further, analyze a competitive set by comparing up to 4 additional sites. This will show you which publishers are sending traffic to competitors and not to your site, or which publishers are also working with competitors.

For more information, see Display Traffic Overview.

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