Referral traffic includes traffic coming to a site through affiliates, links and content partners, and traffic from direct media buying or news coverage.

The Referral Traffic page provides information about domains that were identified as sources of referral traffic to the analyzed domain/s.

Referrer (Referring Apps) makes reference to traffic coming from other app store pages to the store page of the analyzed app.


The top of the Competitive Analysis > Incoming Traffic page provides an overview of the Total Referral Visits to the analyzed site(s) for the designated time period.

Use the filters in the Referring Websites table:

  • All Categories: select All Categories or drill down to a specific category

  • Type of referral: Competitive Traffic, Referral Opportunities, Referral Wins, Highly Competitive Referrals, or Referral Losses

  • Engagement Score: Engagement Opportunities or Engagement Wins

Detailed insights on the referring domains include:

  • Domain and Category

  • Total traffic share and Competitive traffic share

  • Engagement Score

  • Domain Rank

  • AdSense


When a user navigates from to it calculates one visit to, one visit to, and only one (not two) visits to (including subdomains). This is why in cases where there is a lot of inner traffic (traffic between the sub-domains), we sometimes see that a specific sub-domain has more visits than the main domain (+ subdomain included).

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