Incoming referral traffic contains information about referring domains that were identified as sources of referral traffic to the analyzed domain/s within the chosen time frame.

Referrals may include traffic through affiliates, links and content partners and traffic from direct media buying or news coverage.

Referrer (Referring Apps) makes reference to traffic coming from other app store pages to the store page of the analyzed app.

Overview Section:

The top of the page shows the following sections:

  • Total visits from referrals as well as the percentage of total desktop traffic this represents

  • Category distribution widget including the ability to filter by category

  • Topics distribution

  • Historical data based on the selected time frame

Detailed Listings:

The bottom of the page shows a detailed list of the referring domains including:

  • Global rank

  • Traffic share

  • Change column

  • AdSense column

  • Company column

  • Incoming traffic share over time

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