Evaluate the referral traffic sent from the analyzed website to other domains via referral links using the Outgoing Traffic page.

What is the Value?

See how your outgoing referral traffic stacks up against your competitors, and get a breakdown of outgoing referral traffic insights for your site and your competitors over time.

Key insights:

  • Total outgoing visits and the % breakdown of visits by industry

  • Total number of outgoing domains

  • Outgoing traffic share from the analyzed domain via referral link over time

  • List of domains and their industry, rank, traffic share, and % change

How to Use Outgoing Traffic

To view the volume and quality of traffic sent from an affiliate to the destination domain via referral links, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Acquisition Channels module and select Advertising > Outgoing Traffic.

    Note: This tool is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location.

Note: You can filter by website and industry.

Key metrics & insights:

Outgoing Referral Traffic Share

This metric enables you to analyze traffic sent from the analyzed website to other domains via referral links, and those of your competitors - both insights show changes over time.

To view outgoing referral traffic share over time, click the arrow next to each website in the table to see a monthly breakdown.



Why can't I see Outgoing Traffic for Social networks? 

Outgoing Traffic is the equivalent of Incoming Traffic (Referrals) except going in the opposite direction. We exclude Social traffic from the Incoming Traffic because they’re attributed to the Social channel. Likewise, Social traffic is not included in the Outgoing Traffic section either - meaning that we don’t show any Outgoing Traffic for Social Networks.

Why do I see an increase in percent change, but a decrease in traffic share in the Outgoing traffic share over time graph?

The change in traffic metric measures the percent change in volume of traffic, not the change in traffic share. However, the Outgoing traffic share over time graph shows the monthly traffic share.

Therefore, it is possible that the volume of traffic sent to a site increased, but this did not represent an increase in traffic share to the site. In this case, the percent change in traffic would show an increase, but the traffic share over time graph would show a decrease.

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