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Discover the website keywords driving traffic to uncover search opportunities and help build your winning digital marketing strategy.


What is the Value of Website Keywords data?

The Keywords page is full of valuable search insights. Research and compare a competitive set of up to five sites and:

  • Find an extensive list of all the website keywords driving traffic to you and your competitors. See your wins and losses, and discover opportunities to grow your traffic share.

  • Understand your traffic share for each term, and discover ways to optimize the content on your website and ad campaigns.

  • Use the variety of filters to refine your research and extract deeper insights on your SEO and PPC strategy to really understand what's working (and what's not!).

Using the Metrics

If you're an SEO manager:

  • Instantly conduct a competitive SEO analysis for your search engine optimization and marketing efforts (Competitive Traffic filters)

  • Learn who your rivals are in organic and paid search results (Organic & Paid Keyword filter)

  • Instantly view keywords that can bring in new traffic (Competitive Traffic filter)

  • Understand where you're losing traffic to your competitors (Competitive Traffic filter)

  • Develop keyword and topic clusters with keywords to target (Create a keyword list)

  • Monitor your share of voice

  • Optimize the content on your website, marketing collateral (video, social media, email marketing), and landing pages accordingly

If you're a PPC manager:

  • Analyze competitors paid strategies (Competitive Traffic filters)

  • Understand which keywords to bid on for maximum ROI (Competitive Traffic filter)

  • Develop keyword and topic lists with keywords to target (Create a keyword list)

  • Monitor your share of voice

  • Optimize the copy of your landing pages


How to Check Website Keywords

Within the Competitive Analysis tool > Search > Keywords, you can get a comprehensive analysis of organic and paid search traffic for up to five sites.

  1. Enter the primary website. Click +Compare to add up to four more sites.

  2. Using the filters in the upper right, select the time frame, geographic region, and the type of traffic for the analysis.

  3. The Keyword page provides a comprehensive list of search terms driving traffic to the analyzed sites.

    Apply the filters to refine your search, according to your research needs. Use the Boolean search bar to filter the list to a particular topic or product


Using the Keyword Filters

Website keyword filters
  • Paid and Organic Keyword:

    • Organic: Keyword used to attract free traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).
    • Paid: Keyword used to attract paid traffic through search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Branded and Non-Branded Keywords:
    • Branded Keywords: Any query via a search engine that includes the company's name, business, or brand. 
    • Non-Branded Keywords: Keywords that do not include the name of the company, business, or brand.

     Note: We do not have the Branded/Non-branded breakdown for subdomains.

  • Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Duckduckgo, etc.

  • Search Types: Regular Search, News Search, Image Search, Video Search.

  • Any Volume: Enter a range to filter by search volume.

  • Any CPC: Enter a range to filter by price.

  • SERP Features: Filter by SERP Features, including videos, tweets, features snippets, recipes, etc.
  • Competitive Traffic Filters:
    • Keyword Opportunities: Find keywords that your competitors are getting traffic for.
    • Keyword Losses: Find keywords that you are pursuing, but losing to your competitors.
    • Keyword Wins: Find keywords that are driving the majority of traffic to you and less to your competitors.
    • Highly Competitive Keywords: Find keywords that both you and your competitors are competing for.
  • Topic: Topics are keyword phrases that are most commonly found in search queries for the analyzed site. Available topics are determined by those who have the highest traffic share.

      Tip: With the Topic filter, you can surface keyword phrases driving traffic to the analyzed site, and then apply other powerful search keyword filters available on this page.

  • Keyword Difficulty: A measure of how difficult it would be to rank on the top results for a keyword.
  • Keyword Search Intent: Understand the intent behind users' search queries.

  • Newly Discovered: Search terms that did not appear in previous months.

  • Trending terms: Search terms with a significant rise in traffic since the prior month.

  • Question queries: Question search terms, often starting with who, what, when, why, or can.


Key Metrics & Insights


Q: Can I see weekly Search Keywords data?

If you have access to our premium feature, you can see weekly keyword data for a specific week. This helps with real-time campaign optimization - no need to wait a month to see how keyword traffic shares change. This new metric enables you to view data, week over week to see changes. In addition, users can easily uncover more long-tail keyword opportunities because with this feature we can provide many more keyword results.

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Feature Location

Try it now! Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Search > Keywords.

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