What does connecting my Google Analytics account with SimilarWeb mean?

Connecting your Google Analytics account with SimilarWeb lets you share basic traffic & engagement metrics publicly on your SimilarWeb Website Analysis page. Once you have connected your Google Analytics account with us, your desktop and mobile traffic data will replace our estimations for your traffic stats and the ‘Verified Data’ badge will appear. On SimilarWeb.com, ‘Estimated Data’ will be replaced with ‘Measured by Google Analytics’.

Sections affected by this:

Overview section –  Overview > Traffic Overview > Total Visits & Overview > Traffic Overview > Engagement

Similarweb PRO:
Website Analysis > Website Audience > Website Overview - Visits and Engagement Rate metrics.

How do I connect my Google Analytics to SimilarWeb?

  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • From your website analysis page on SimilarWeb.com, click the ‘Claim Your Website’ button
    • In the footer of SimilarWeb.com, click the ‘Publicly connect Google Analytics’ button
  2. Click on – ‘Connect with your Google Analytics account’
  3. Select the Google Analytics Account, Property and View for the website you’d like to connect

If you have more than one website associated with your Google account, you can repeat the process and connect multiple websites. Note that you can only add one google analytics view per website. 

Why should I connect my Google Analytics to SimilarWeb?

  • No more under estimations – SimilarWeb’s website analytics is an estimation. Although we validate our data all the time, we might sometimes under estimate the traffic for a website. Connecting your Google Analytics with SimilarWeb assures your website is best represented on SimilarWeb – taking into account not only desktop traffic, but also traffic from mobile and tablet.
  • Strengthening your brand – full transparency will give you the opportunity to showcase your popularity and establish yourself as a trusted brand.
  • Increase ad income – many advertisers use SimilarWeb to find high quality publishers. Having this data available and out there will make your website a lot more attractive to advertisers looking for media buy and other partnership opportunities. No more wasting time in preparing Google Analytics reports every month and preparing updated PDFs with your website’s stats. You can simply send your prospects to your SimilarWeb Analysis page.
  • Raising capital – for a company that is on the lookout for new capital, this is a great opportunity to have important stats which are relevant for your business’s valuation, out in the open with easy access to any potential investor

What data points are going to be affected once I’ve connected my Google Analytics with SimilarWeb?

Once you’ve connected your Google analytics account with SimilarWeb, the following data points from Google Analytics will appear publicly on SimilarWeb as ‘Verified Data’:

These will be visible only on the Website Overview page. Data on the Website Traffic Sources pages (such as referring keywords) and other metrics such as geographic distribution will continue to be based on our estimations.

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