Understand Your Audience Interests

Discover what your audience is interested in and see the cross-browsing behavior of target audiences using the Audience Interests analysis tool.


How can I use audience interests data

Evaluating the browsing behaviors of a website's target audience can help understand user intent, reveal insights about the purchasing funnel, and discover new audiences and targeting strategies.

More ways to use the insights:

  • See other products or solutions your audiences are evaluating during their consideration stage.

  • Discover domains winning traffic and engagements from shared audiences and use this information to broaden your audience targeting.

How to find audience interest data

Using the Website Analysis module, you can analyze any company's digital performance and gain insight into their audiences and traffic strategies.

  1. Go to Website Analysis and enter the website domain. The Website Performance report provides an overview of the site's traffic metrics and overall performance.

  2. To analyze and compare multiple domains, click +Compare and enter up to four more sites.

  3. From the sidebar menu, select Audience Interests.

    Use the filters in the upper right to choose the timeframe and geographic region for the analysis.

Cross-Browsing Behaviors

When analyzing multiple sites, the Cross-Browsing Behaviors tool shows the percentage of visitors to the primary site who also visited the other analyzed sites on the same day.

For example: In the image below, you can see that 11% of users who visited foxnews.com also visited cnn.com on the same day.

Audience Cross Browsing

Tip: Hover over any cell in the table to see how the cross-visitation has changed compared to the previous period to help identify the trend for users visiting a competitor's site.

See sites that audiences are likely to visit

A complete list of overlapping sites shows each site's cross-visitation percentage and relevance score . In addition, see each site's Industry and Global Rank.


Note: Similarweb provides many pre-defined industries based on topic and functionality. You can easily define and create a custom industry to include the most relevant domains for your analysis.

Hover over any domain to view its monthly visits and company info.

List of Audience Interests
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