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SimilarWeb Pro Audience Interests allows you to see the group of websites that users have visited either before or after visiting a site, during the same browsing session (for example, the opened tabs a user has at the top of the browser).

The browsing interests and behavior patterns behind your audiences can help you to understand user intent, reveal insights about your purchasing funnel and discover new audiences or targeting strategies. 

Why use Audience Interests?

  • Understand your users’ consideration stage: which other solutions/offerings are users evaluating or comparing your offering to during the same browsing session?

  • Discover where your audience is spending time before and after they visit your site to broaden your targeting lists

Getting started

Get started by typing a domain address in the SimilarWeb Pro search bar with the Website Analysis module. Navigate to Website Audience > Audience Interests.

In the table you’ll find the domain address, its category, the site’s global rank, its affinity score and whether it uses AdSense.


What other brands do users associate with yours?

When users visit your site, which other sites are they also visiting and comparing your offerings to?

By analyzing the Audience Interests of we can immediately spot some of its direct or indirect competitors:

For example, ranked #4 is another furniture site,, followed by other potential competitors: and 

Analyzing these is a great way for Herman Miller to discover who it's competing against and how it's positioned from the customer perspective. 


Find out where your audiences are coming and going 

Since SimilarWeb categorizes every website, you can use the categories drop-down menu to find “out of the box” ideas to target new audiences. For example, by looking at the Category Distribution table we can view other categories that audiences visit while browsing 

These types of sites can be leveraged for generating content or affiliate partnerships as well as ad targeting.

For example, under the Shopping category, we found this interesting lifestyle magazine:


You can easily qualify the site by clicking on the ID icon on the left side of the domain address and immediately see its monthly visits and company info.  


Pro Tip

Export this list to Excel and filter according to the sites that are using AdSense. Pass on this list of sites to your media buyers to target your audience.


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