Similarweb Data Methodology FAQs

How long does it take Similarweb to show data for a new site?

Our algorithm requires that a site has enough traffic so that we can properly create estimations for it. The amount of time this takes depends on the site itself (specifically how much traffic it receives, and how diverse that traffic is). Assuming the site meets these requirements, we will be able to show data not long after.

What time zone is Similarweb data based on?

All Similarweb data, as it is displayed in the platform (including API), is based on the time zone EST without daylight savings.

  Note: Daily visits data resets at midnight EST, regardless of what time it is in a different timezone. For example, if someone in China is browsing the internet at 6am on December 13th, then this would be 5pm EST on December 12th. On the Similarweb platform, this visit would be attributed to December 12th.

Does Similarweb capture traffic from browser extensions?

Similarweb is constantly working to increase our coverage of the digital world. Currently, we do not track browser extensions' traffic, but clicks on links inside of browser extensions that lead to a website will be considered Direct Traffic to the destination site. For example, if an extension has a link to and the user clicks it, it will be counted as direct traffic to, regardless of the website the client was browsing while using the extension.

Is Smart TV included in our data (i.e. Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, PlayStation)?

Currently, Smart TV is not included in Similarweb data.

How does Similarweb report on website redirects?

Generally, permanent redirects will count as visits to the site where the user ends up. In cases where we track the redirect, only the final site will be attributed a visit. When we don't see the redirect (because of how it is set up by site architects, i.e., client-side redirects, server-side redirects, changes between HTTP(S) protocols, etc.), both the redirecting and final site will get a visit each.

When there is a change in a website's domain, will the traffic and engagement data transfer from the old domain to the new domain?

Similarweb data is specific to the individual URL. When a website changes its domain name, this creates a new URL.

Traffic and engagement data for the old domain will not transfer over to the new domain. However, if the new domain is replacing the old domain, then over time, you will see a decrease in traffic to the original site and an increase in traffic to the new site.

Does Similarweb collect personally identifiable information (PII) or IP data?

We do not need PII or personal data to deliver any of the data and insights made available on our platform or through our API. In addition, we do not collect IP data and no metric in our platform, including Unique Visits, requires or uses IP data.

Demographic data is based on a learning algorithm that identifies any website’s demographic profile. For more information, read our blog post How to Use Website Demographics Effectively in Your Audience Analysis.

Why do some metrics have decimal places in Excel and the API?

Within the Similarweb platform, our data is based on estimations and algorithms; therefore, the numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number. However, Similarweb shows fractions of numbers instead of rounding to the nearest whole number in the API and when downloading data to Excel.

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