Time period filter: Last 28 Days

Spotlight on a powerful time period filter:

Do you use Similarweb’s Last 28 Days time period filter? What can you do with the last 28D granularity?

  • Discover industry trends as they are happening

  • Monitor website and app performance week-over-week during the last 28 days

  • See the impact of current events and campaigns on your business


When do we release daily data for the last 28 days?

We aim to release a specific date's data 72 hours after the end of that date (EST time zone). For example, data for the 14th will typically be published by the end of the day on the 17th (EST).

What time does ‘Last 28 Days’ data get released?

There is no one specific time of day that we release Last 28 Days data. The data gets released as soon as it's ready, which can be at various times throughout the day - although most frequently in the GMT+2 time zone, in the morning to mid-day hours.

Does daily data seen in the Last 28 Days stay the same when analyzing in monthly view? For example, on May 26 I can see data for May 5 in the Last 28 Days. On June 15, once May’s data has been released, if I check the daily view for May 5 will I see the same visits #?

Yes - as long as the parameters are exactly the same, daily data for the same data in Last 28 Days vs. Monthly mode should be the same. In cases where there’s a difference, it’s almost always due to differences in filters.

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