The Traffic Acquisition Leaders section lists the top-performing websites in marketing channels, such as Search, Social, Display, Referral, Direct, and Email.

What is the value?

With Traffic Acquisition Leaders, you can gain an overview of an industry's marketing strategy over time. You can plan and prioritize marketing resources by analyzing the leading channels generating traffic for the industry leaders.

How to Use Traffic Acquisition Leaders

Within Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis, you can view which sites drive the most traffic for marketing channels in an industry. 

In the table, you can see:


  • For Search Leaders, you can filter by Paid and Organic.

  • Hover your mouse over the domain name to see an overview, including Global Rank, Country Rank, and Last Month Visits.

Feature Location

Try it now! Web Industry Analysis > Enter an Industry and go to any of the pages under Traffic Acquisition Leaders.

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