Uncover incoming referral traffic data and insights and find the complete list of websites referring traffic to you and your competitors. The Incoming Traffic insights help you discover traffic source, volume, quality, and trends. Find your wins and your missed opportunities.


What is the Value?

The Incoming Traffic page offers valuable data and insights on the traffic coming into your website and your competitor's websites from referral domains.

Analyze the traffic volume sent from referrals to your competitors, see the referral traffic share by industry distribution, get the breakdown of traffic sources by industry categories, and find opportunities to optimize your marketing strategies and partnerships.

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral Traffic is website traffic coming to your site from a variety of sources including affiliates, links, content partners, and traffic from direct media buying or news coverage.

Remember, any site sending traffic to one or more of your competitors, but not to you, represents a potential new partnership opportunity.

How to discover Incoming Referral Traffic insights

To find the incoming referral traffic insights for a website:

  1. Go to the Competitive Research > Website Analysis module. Enter a website domain.

  2. Navigate to the Incoming Traffic page.

Key Data and Insights: Incoming Referral Traffic

On the Incoming Traffic page, you'll find the following insights:

Referring Visits

Get the total number of referral visits (in absolute number and percent) to the analyzed sites.

  • Total Referral Visits: Sum of all referral visits, coming from various affiliate websites to the analyzed domain(s). How is the referral traffic distribution among the analyzed set of sites over the selected time period?

  • Referral Visits: All referral visits to the analyzed domain(s) over the designated period of time. See trends or fluctuations, and spot potential changes in strategies.

Referring Websites

Get the data and metrics on the website and the industries (categories) referring traffic to the analyzed website domains.

  • There are several filters that can be used to help you further analyze the data:

    • Referring Categories filters: Use this filter to select an industry(s) and discover the top traffic sources within the specified industry categories.

    • Competitive Traffic filters: use this filter to see a variety of key insights:

      - Referral Opportunities: see partners that your competitors are getting traffic from but you are not.
      - Referral Wins: see where you're winning the traffic.
      - Competitive Referrals: see the referral partners you're vying for along with your competitors
      - Referral Losses: see the referral partners you're pursuing but are losing to the competition.
    • Traffic Engagement Score: hone in on engagement opportunities and see the engagement wins of your competitors. For more information, see Affiliate Engagement Score.

  • The Referring Website table shows the list of referring website domains and several related metrics including:

    • Traffic Share: In single mode, this is the average percentage of traffic sent to the website in the analyzed period.

    • Total Traffic Share: In compare mode, this is the total traffic share the specific website is sending to the analyzed domain out of all websites in the list (in absolute numbers and percentage).

Incoming Referral Traffic Share

Each listed domain can be further analyzed to determine the competitive traffic share for each of the analyzed domains. See how traffic volume and the share of traffic distribution have changed over time.


To view incoming referral traffic share over time, click the arrow next to each website in the Referring websites table to see a monthly breakdown.


How can google.com be a referral on the Incoming Traffic / Referrals page? Shouldn't it always be classified as Search?

Google.com can sometimes be a referring website. This even happens on Google Analytics, and here's an article from Google Analytics' help center about it.

Feature Location

Try it now! Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Referral > Incoming Traffic.

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