Incoming Traffic Insights

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Website Referral Traffic contains information about referring domains that were identified as sources of referral traffic to the analyzed domain/s within the chosen time frame.

Referrals may include traffic through affiliates, links, and content partners and traffic from direct media buying or news coverage.

In the Incoming Traffic page, you can see the following insights:

  • Total Referral Visits
  • Referral Visits
  • Referring Websites

Incoming Referral Traffic Share

This metric enables you to analyze referring domains to your site and those of your competitors - both insights show changes overtime.

To view incoming referral traffic share over time:

  • Click the arrow next to each website in the Referring Websites table to see a monthly breakdown. 
⭐ Value Proposition

The Incoming Traffic page is an ideal way to view overall referral traffic as well as a breakdown of websites referring traffic to your site - this way, you can see if your marketing strategy works.

Afterwards, you can see how you stack up against your competitors by viewing affiliates that are sending traffic to their sites. Remember, any site sending traffic to one or more of your competitors, but not to you, represents a potential new partnership opportunity.


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