Similarweb devotes substantial time, effort, and resources to ensure our customers benefit from the most reliable data. In order to maintain high-quality standards, we updated our guidelines for providing data for small sites.

Why am I not seeing data for the sites I’m analyzing?

In a constant effort to continuously improve our data accuracy, our findings show that for websites with a small number of visits, our estimations may be subject to a greater degree of variance to meet our desired level of accuracy. Hence, Similarweb will not present data for websites that receive below 5,000 monthly visits.

I know for sure that a website receives more than 5,000 monthly visits. Why does it still show me N/A?

The 5,000 visits threshold refers to last month’s data, per device, per country. Meaning, if a specific device (desktop/mobile web) has traffic above the 5,000 visits threshold last month, data will be available for metrics set to that device/ country. This applies to Total Traffic as well.

You underestimate my site, my site has over 5K monthly visits

Our data methodology is different than Direct measurement. Hence, there might be a discrepancy when estimating your site. We encourage you to connect your Google Analytics to Similarweb. You can do this publicly (all users will see this data) or privately (only you will see this data). Read here to learn how.

What happens if a site's visits are 1,000 for April, 6,000 for May, and 3,000 for June under the time period of April to June 2019?

We look at the last available snapshot. If the last snapshot (June for the sake of the example) is less than 5000 visits then we won’t display any data.

When comparing a few sites, suddenly the data is N/A, why is that?

The issue might be when analyzing sites with small or no data. Please remove the sites which don’t have a sufficient amount of visits, to see data for the other sites.

When analyzing certain features, suddenly the data is N/A. why is that?

Some of our features support only Desktop data. Thus, if a website has less than 5,000 monthly visits from Desktop - we won’t have data to display.

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