SimilarWeb Data Methodology

The SimilarWeb Approach

SimilarWeb provides Market Intelligence and ready-to-use insights that help you make better business decisions and grow intelligently.

Our Market Intelligence is derived from an unrivaled blend of digital signals sourced from external partners, public data sources, anonymous behavioral data and first-party direct measurement. This unique, multidimensional approach of hundreds of diverse data sources and types is a core strength and differentiator for our offerings.

SimilarWeb’s methodology is grounded in full redundancy of these data. Our proprietary algorithms and predictive models offer a reliable view of your competitors’ digital strategies and ensure the stability of our market estimations over time.

We categorize these data sources into 4 distinct groups:

  • Partnerships
  • Public Data Sources
  • Anonymous Behavioral Data
  • First-Party Direct Measurement

What is SimilarWeb’s Commitment to User Privacy?

SimilarWeb devotes substantial time, effort and resources in achieving compliance with all privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and others that are applicable to SaaS companies in our space. Since data collection is at the heart of our business, we have invested heavily and proactively for years in making compliance and user transparency the center of our diverse collection techniques.

We applaud the European community, the authorities in California and regulators in other jurisdictions who have created regulations related to data privacy that make the Internet safer for end-users and provide a framework for Market Intelligence companies like ours. SimilarWeb's Market Intelligence insights are delivered at the site- and app-level rather than the individual level, and never used for advertising or targeting.

What Kind of Data Partnerships Does SimilarWeb Have?

SimilarWeb partners with providers that aggregate usage data across websites and apps. These companies include internet operators and measurement companies that collect data points on audience behavior. We carefully vet our partners to ensure they uphold the same high standards of compliance and user privacy as we do.

Which Public Data Sources Does SimilarWeb Use?

SimilarWeb’s public data sources are an aggregation of online information available to the public. Similar to how search engines like Google index the web, SimilarWeb employs an automated technique for capturing and indexing public data from over a billion website pages and apps every month.

Who Provides SimilarWeb’s Anonymous Behavioral Data?

Behavioral data collected from an anonymous panel are one of many inputs used in our advanced machine learning algorithms. Compliance and user transparency is at the center of this sourcing.

What makes our sourcing of behavioral data unique?

  • Data is shared anonymously and aggregated at the site-level rather than the individual-level
  • Data is never used for advertising or targeting, and we don’t use “cookies” to collect behavioral data
  • Data is sourced across diverse audiences to maintain an accurate and consistent view of the digital world over time

How Does SimilarWeb Leverage Direct Measurement Data?

SimilarWeb leverages a growing dataset of websites and apps that share their directly measured data with us (e.g. Google Analytics).

This direct measurement data serves as a learning set for our machine learning algorithms to convert a sample of data into intelligent estimations across all sites and apps using advanced, predictive models. Our large, comprehensive learning set ensures representative estimations of digital behavior. In addition to our learning set, we incorporate census data such as country population to further refine estimations.

Why do companies connect their direct measurement tools to their SimilarWeb account?

In addition to greater precision and understanding of their own performance in relation to peers and competitors, using an industry-leading, third-party measurement tool like SimilarWeb offers sites independent verification of the metrics they use to attract advertising or investment.

Many companies have connected their analytics to our dataset and publicly verify their Google Analytics data on SimilarWeb. You can learn more about connecting your Google Analytics account to SimilarWeb here.

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