See a holistic breakdown of the performance of your Rank Tracker campaigns with the Overview Report.

What is the value of the Overview Report?

The Overview Report highlights the key performance metrics and insights that are most pertinent to keep track of on a regular basis. It provides at-a-glance views of your keyword ranking distribution and positional changes on the SERP over time, your visibility score, weighted average position, and click-through rate for you and your competitors that are relevant to any of your campaigns.

Key metrics and insights

  • Position Distribution insights allow you to see the spread and positional strength of the keywords you are tracking over time.

  • Visibility, Weighted Average Position, and Clicks metrics deliver a clearer understanding of the performance on any single day or over the selected time period for your campaigns.

Within the Overview report, you can analyze your and your competitors' keyword performance over time according to weighted average position, visibility, and clicks. 

Summarize your entire campaign’s performance over time according to:

  • Weighted average position
    • The average of all your tracked keywords' organic positions is weighted according to their search volume. Keywords in your campaign that don't rank within the top 10 SERP pages will get a score of 100.
  • Visibility %
    • Visibility is the percentage of how visible your site is on the SERP. Keywords that are considered visible are those ranked in the top 3 pages of the SERP.
    • If a keyword is ranked in position 31-100, it will be granted a visibility score of 0. 
    • Search volume is also taken into account, i.e. a keyword with a low rank and a high search volume would decrease visibility.
  • Clicks
    • The absolute estimated clicks that your campaign receives based on search volume, dynamic CTR curve, and daily organic position.

Go to the Keywords Report to get a deep dive into the performance of the specific keywords in your rank tracker campaign, where you can filter by tag, SERP feature, difficulty, intent, position and more.

  Note: You can access API endpoints for Campaign Overview metadata via the Developer Hub. Access the aggregate metrics on a campaign level across all keywords, including weighted average position, weighted visibility, clicks, and Share of Voice.

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