Similarweb's Backlinks Report allows SEO managers to see the exact pages that contain backlinks to their site. 

What's the Value?

The Backlinks Report shows the specific URLs pointing to a domain, URL, or website subsection. With this report, you can track the acquisition of specific backlinks and how they perform, as well as identify spammy or low-quality backlinks, so you can take appropriate action. 

Backlinks Report

Key Metrics and Insights

  • Referring page title and URL: The title and URL of the page containing a backlink to the selected website.
  • Anchor: The clickable text in the hyperlink so that you can track and analyze the anchor text used.
  • Page Trust Score (PTS): Measures the authority or credibility of an individual web page within a domain. It predicts the likelihood of a specific page ranking well in search engine results.
  • Domain Trust Score (DTS): Quantifies the authority or trustworthiness of an entire domain or website. It is used to predict how well a website is likely to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Target URL: The specific URL destination the backlink is pointing to
  • First Seen: The earliest date on which a particular backlink was discovered or indexed by our tool. It represents the initial instance when the backlink became known to our system.
  • Last Seen: The most recent date on which the same backlink was detected or indexed. It signifies the latest instance of our system recognizing the presence of that backlink.


  • Target URL: The "Target URL" filter allows you to comprehensively examine the backlinks associated with the selected webpage.

Feature Location

Acquisition Research > Search > Backlinks Analysis > Backlinks

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