Deep dive into the specific Search Ads that competitors are running on your branded keywords with the Search Ads Report.

Search Ads Report

What is the value of the Brand Protection Search Ads Report?

The Search Ads report hones in on the specific ads picked up for any of your Brand Protection Campaigns.

It gives marketers the ability to identify their competitors' value propositions and messaging strategies by analyzing their campaign ad copy and landing pages, specific keywords bid on, SERP Position, ad rank, and the ad run-time.

The Search Ads are added to this report when they have been identified as ads that are targeting your campaign keywords, allowing you to quickly and confidently investigate the ad by clicking through the URL to the target landing page. After investigation, if you believe the ad should be challenged, we provide the final URL link so you can report it to Google.

You can access the Search Ads report by clicking on an ad in the daily or weekly Brand Protection Email Alerts you receive or via the platform itself.   


How to use the Brand Protection Search Ads report:

    1. Navigate to Brand Protection, which is found at the top of your sidebar on the left-hand side.
      • You must first create a campaign to see the Search Ads report, as well as the other report options.
      • Select the Search Ads report
    2. Select the campaign you want to view
      • In the navigation bar on top, you'll find a drop-down menu called "campaigns." Select which of your campaigns you want to view.Brand Protection Campaigns Selection
    3. Select the location, device, and date - When you select a campaign, your report will appear on the screen. If your campaign includes multiple locations and/or devices to track (ie. both mobile and desktop), you can filter by location and device type.
      • Location: If you are tracking branded keywords across more than one search engine or location, you can view your campaign’s performance for all locations or narrow down the list using the “Location” filter.      
      • Device Type: If you choose both Mobile & Desktop when setting up your campaign, you will be able to switch between mobile or desktop on the Search Ads report page.           
      • Date Range: Allows you to analyze Search Ads according to a specific day, week, month, or all time.

Key metrics & insights:

Search Ads

Details which ads and messaging your competitors are using pertaining to your branded keywords

Final URL

 Uncover where traffic from the ad, is being driven to
Keywords View all search terms for which the ad appears on Google SERP
Position Displays the most up-to-date position according to the keyword & timeframe. 
Rank This refers to where the ad is positioned on the search engine, across all paid ads, pertaining to the timeframe (7 days, last 1 month, last 3 months, all time)
Active Days Displays how long the ad has been running for

Other Functions

  • In the Keywords column, click on the View SERP button to see how the Search Ad was displayed on the SERP when it was last picked up. 

Button - View SERP

  • Should an ad appear to be inappropriate, or could potentially cause harm to your business, or it may be deceptive, you can copy your rival’s Ad URL and report any fraudulent ad to Google (you will need to go to Google and report the ad manually). 

Copy your rival’s Ad URL


Try it now! 

Check out the Search Ads Report within the Brand Protection module

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